How many of you wonder pin trader types have?????????

Ok, what am I missing? Am I supposed to understand what appears to be a question :)?
I'm with you Judith. I had to read that question/statement about 5 times. I still don't understand. But what do you expect from Raul? :rolleyes:

I'm signed up by the way.
How many of you wonder what the hell Ed is trying to say here????? Ed; slow down, the test is over, relax, relax,; try it again!!!!!
And yes, I will wave menus around while doing the speedo dance, I hope you all have activities scheduled for the children in another room far, far away!!!!!!:confused: :confused: :confused: ;) :smooth:
Sir Chef Manny,

I hope you are going to do the Conga in the Tonga as well!!!
Maybe after a few cosmos your highness!
Hows the brood? All well I hope.
Your royal Chef:smooth:
but was apprehensive to say so. Thanks for confirming my confusion. Ask us again Ed
See, you just proved my theory. EVERYONE wants to do the SPEEDO dance, but you need a few cosmos to get into a boa.
Can't wait to see your dance. What color SPEEDO do you have? hope it doesn't clash with your eyes.
You are in for a big surprise when you see Ed in his SPEEDO. Peggie
Peggie, how do you know what Ed looks like in a Speedo????? Donna......
Pintrader, don't be shy to question Ed, he's an engineer; he is in his own little world but it's ok ,they know him there. He has his own hollowed out tree with all the creature comforts any engineer could ask for!!!!
I think my Speedo will be rainbow pattern, just to keep the coalition happy!!!!! I don't want J. Jackson on my case!!!!!
:smooth: :smooth: :smooth:
Judging from the question, I think Ed's speedo is already on and it's a little too tight. :teeth::p
Ya'll are cracking me UP!!! :p



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