How do you remember everything you've read from here at the parks?


Earning My Ears
Sep 26, 2000
I have literally printed off a whole book of information from here and now I'm wondering what to do with it. We leave in under 3 weeks, so do I make up a little (probably big!) notebook, with everything in abbreviations, or just try to remember the most important things? This is our first time and probably last so I don't want to miss a thing! What do you all do to remember everything!
Carol :D
I am making a small stack of index cards with holes punched at the top and 'binding' them with 2 loose rings. I've got different color cards for each day of our trip. We are also looking forward to our first trip, with my 'experience' based on Internet resources only. So I'm copying the facts and information that are meaningful to my family onto these cards. I am also making a card for each park 'What we won't be seeing and why' so when my children get big eyes at the entrance to Alien Encounter (for example) I can tell them why I think it would be too scary for them. I'm hoping it will save them from being disappointed
I email myself some of the longer tips/lists and keep them in a folder in my email directory. I've also taken the more important tips (IMHO) and started my own list in Word. I've broken this down into several categories:

* Things to buy before the trip
* Things to do before the trip
* Things to bring for the trip
* Things we MUST do while there

We've also purchased the Passport and will be transferring a lot of these items into it before the trip.

41 days to go!! :D :D

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Previous trip I wd buy a very small spiral notebook & make up my own guidebook. It was fun to do but a lot of work. This trip I bought the deluxe passporter & plan to take the relevant pages & pockets with me each day. So in prep I have already taken list of pressed penny locations, hidden mickeys & 3 pg list of great tips I found on the web(but can't remember where exactly)reduced copied them into a size that fits perfectly in the passporter pockets!

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I think you will be ok becuse you probablyu have read all the things you have printed. I would worry about a first timer that did no research at all. That person would be lost when they got there.

I have been alot of times so its easier for me. But I am somewhat disorganized. And its stressful for me. Our trip is 2 months away. Today I purchaced a few toiletries and will start packing.

I dont know what to tell you. The index card idea sounded good. I mainly wanted to tell you that you will be fine and have a wonderful time because you did your homework!!!

If there was one thing I would strongly recomend if you have not already done so is to look at the park maps and study them. Get a good feeling for the layout of each park. Even with a map, things look a lot different when you get there!!!
Thank you so very much everyone for all your great ideas and encouragement. I don't feel quite so overwhelmed by it all now! I'm sure we're going to have a great time, and it will be due to the fact that there are so many generous people on this board that give freely of their time and expertise to us "newbie's"
Thank you once again!
Carol :D
I use a Palm PDA, and I have a list of tips of wdw in it.
Besides you can load in it the Walt Disney World to Go page where you can consult information of the attractions (descriptions, restrictions, etc), transportation routes, bathrooms (locations), restaurants, services, etc.
This devices are light and handy, and can help you to track your expenses, record your PS's and set alarms, etc.
I use it with a belt clip, so it is not a problem to carry (the only problem is than it can get wet, but I just put it in with my camera and ready to ride!)

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