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  1. mistybuchanan

    mistybuchanan 1st time to WDW & Our Honeymoon 1/6/07

    Dec 25, 2006
    Just wondering since this is our very first trip to WDW and its our honeymoon...does the Dream Team wear something different???
  2. HumphreytheBear

    HumphreytheBear Mouseketeer

    Sep 24, 2002
    The Dream Squad have 2 different roles in the parks, so you will see 2 different costumes (sort of). The first role they have is a Super Greeter, if you will. In this position they will be wearing tan pants and a Blue button up shirts and they will be carrying a black messenger bag. When they are in this role their main job is just to mingle. They are out there making sure that things are going well, talking to guests, helping out other cast members and just having a good time. They carry coloring pages for the kids, park maps and times guides, all the buttons (birthday, honeymoon, etc) and they really are just there to assist with whatever they can and talk to the guests... They do not have prizes and are not scoping the area to grant wishes (which seems to be a misconception on the boards).

    The other role is that of the Prize team. They will be wearing the same tan pants and blue button up shirt, but they will have a white vest on as well, which has the Year of a Million Dreams Logo on it. They will ALWAYS be in pairs as they are not allowed to travel alone with prizes for accountability reasons. They are not scoping the area "looking" for people either. The prize distribution is set up by an outside company that tells them who, what, when, and where. They will get a print out that says something like... Distribute 50 Dream Ears at the Frontierland Train Station turnstiles at 12:15pm. And that is what they do, they get this at about 12 or so (it is very short notice) and they will go to the train station and at exactlly the time that was printed they will give the prize to the next 50 (or however many people it says) that enter through the turnstiles. It is very rare that you will see the Prize team roaming though, they are very elusive, they come in from the closest backstage area to the location, go right to the location, give out the prizes and slip backstage again.

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