How crowded during President's Week


Earning My Ears
Mar 21, 2001
We would like to travel to WDW during the first part of Presient's Week, 2002. I've heard that this is a very crowded time of the year. Do you agree? Or in other words, HOW CROWDED IS IT? We were there during part of Presient's Week, 1999. It did not seem that bad, but we were only at Magic Kingdom for one day. What are your thoughts?
We were there this year for President's week. We didn't find it too bad at all.
MK did get busy from lunchtime to early evening but we just got there early and went elsewhere during the busy time. I think its more important to use touring tips gained on DIS such as going to a park the day after EE, touring early in the morning etc if you're going at a busy time.
The other parks were very manageable. I was expecting massive crowds and very uncomfortable touring conditions but it wasn't like that at all.
We usually try to go in October and its definitely quieter then but its not wall to wall people at all.

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Just another opinion and not to scare you away or anything. I was there this year during President's Week and I got there a few days before the actual week and it wasn't bad but after the actual week dawned - I couldn't believe it. I went with my brother and his family and they've been to WDW alot during President's Week and remarked it was the most crowded they had ever seen it. But (here's the upside!!!) what with E-nights, and Fastpass we never were in lines longer than 20 minutes.

I think the crowded conditions could of been also due to the weather being gorgeous during that week - no rain, sunshine and 80 degrees.

My next trip will be in January cause it was just a little too crowded for my tastes but everyone had a blast - how could you not?


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