How are the garden views at HRH

Glory Days

Jun 26, 2000
I've seen how people are already booking the HRH for next Easter and loved it so much that we've talked DH into booking now for next year. We had the entertainment rate for the pool view. To look out our room was spectacular. Since there are no balconies and we weren't in the rooms a lot I'm thinking of going with a garden view, which looked nice. Did anyone have bad garden views? Are any on the lower floors? I went from a waterview to a standard view at the BC for part of our trip, and it was a big difference. If you were in a garden, would you book that again?

Thanks, I'm so excited that we're going back. FOTL and the HRH were great! I just know next Easter is going to sell out next year, so I want to book soon.:)
We had garden view last month and it was lovely. I don't think any of the garden views would be bad at HRH. Some of them even allow you to see the water way. Personally, I would book garden view over pool view.

Here's what my garden view looked like:

Our gardenview room overlooked a waterway and the walkway to Universal...also saw the parking garage walkway. The view was fine...I can't wait to go back next Feb.:jester:

We also had a great view of the water way from our 4th floor room, rm 4110.
We had room 3091, which was on the first floor about 3 doors down from the Hard Rock souv shop. It was garden view. I thought the view was nice, but blocked by a huge and I mean HUGE tent. We don't spend much time in the hotel, but it would have been nice to sit in the chair and have a view of something other than a tent. My stay was the first week of March. Not sure if this tent was only temp, but I decided to go with pool view this July. Will ask for a higher floor too. Have a nice vacation.
actually room 3091 would be on the 3rd floor. There are 2 floors below the level that the lobby is on. If you were in the front of the building it would be at ground level, in the back it would be 3 floors up.

I just booked for HRH today, and I have a Garden Room view. Are the rooms there nice? I looked at the 360 degree view at, and that room was beautiful. Is my room going to look anything like that, or was that a suite?

:mad: :bounce: :smooth: :eek: :p :confused: :tongue: :earseek: :crazy: :wave: :sunny:

hehehehe, I love these things!
I'm pretty sure that was a standard room - since it just says "Guest Room" I think they'd call it Deluxe room or suite if it was something other then standard.
Gee Sha-Lynn, I was wondering the whole time why our room began with a 3 but was on the first floor.....never dawned on me that when we walked to the lobby and out to the balcony overlooking the pool we were actually higher up:rolleyes: Don't I feel
Sleepy..Don't feel bad. It actually had me confussed at first also. For some reason when I saaw the floor numbers for the 3rd floor I though the different wings must have different beginning numbers. I had to ask how to get to our room
Funny you mention that....I figured the same thing.....must be code for which wing you were I was not feeling too bright that evening after a 16 hour ride in the truck. The 85 degree weather was thawing out my frozen brain.


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