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Aug 19, 1999
Here is a copy of a post made by Webmaster Cathy Canada on the Resort Board. I hope that this saves you all some time...and some money! :)

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Well everyone, last week I told you that we were working on a solution to code posting issue and true to my word, we have a solution that may not make all 24000 of you happy (hey you can't please everyone!) but Pete has decided to allow the posting of the LINK to the website with the codes on the DIS and it will be added to the top of this page. We want to ensure that everyone realizes that they use these codes at their own risk and it is your responsibility to verify your reservation to ensure that you are eligible and we accept no responsibility for the validity or availability of these codes.

Hopefully that will prevent a lot of the "please e-mail me the website url" posts and we can get back to the business of resorts! :)

I appreciate the ideas, thoughts and opinions that were expressed (civilly for the most part, just the way I like it!) and hopefully this will prove helpful to all.

Until the link is permanently up there, here it is for you Code Link

PLEASE NOTE that we still do NOT wish to see the codes themselves posted here on the DIS but feel free to send folks this url.

Thanks!! :)

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Thank you, it seems like a fair compromise to me.

and thanks to the moderators for trying to keep everyone happy! :D


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moderators - i appreciate all the time and thought that went into your decision.
just wanted to say thanks :)


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