Honeymoon Photo Session


Feb 3, 2002
My fiance and I are sooo looking forward to our Disney honeymoon in July. We are taking a 4-night cruise and then spending 6 nights at Port Orleans Riverside. One feature that I HAD to have as part of my package was the professional honeymoon photo session. Has anyone had this done? How was it? Were the pictures amazing? Please let me know.

Can't Wait!!!!:D
My fiance and I are also spending our honeymoon at Disney this November. We'll be staying at the Port Orleans for a week and then on the cruise for a week. We will also be taking the photography session. I'm anxious to hear what people respond to you about this since I am also interested in hearing what others think abut it.

Congrats on your upcoming marriage and have fun on your honeymoon!!!
Here's another couple who are looking forward to the responses on this topic. We will be taking our first trip as DVC members in Jan as our honeymoon and may be interested in this. I had not actually heard of it before seeing this thread, so if anyone has a link to the information about this photo session, we would be grateful!

My husband and I did the honeymoon photo session a few days after our Disney wedding in November. We did them at the World Showcase in Epcot. I don't know if I would say that the pictures are "amazing" but they are very cute and we are glad we have them. The come in a really cute white leather album that looks like a storybook with Cinderella's castle and Tinkerbell on the front cover.

It was also alot of fun to do and walking around Epcot before any other guests were there was very cool!
So does this mean that you get your photography session before the park opens to everyone else?
Thanks lil mermaid, I really can't wait to go on my honeymoon and knowing that I'll get good pictures that I didn't have to bug poor strangers for makes me very happy. I am planning to do them in the Magic Kingdom, but I bet the Epcot pictures came out great too.

MikeScott8 and LisaFB, good luck with your weddings and honeymoons. I think we all picked the perfect place to start married life!!:wave:
Good luck to you too, SafariTigger. My fiance and I also are going to have our pictures taken at the Magic Kingdom, but I agree with you that they would be great anywhere!

MikeScott8, as for the info you requested about this, you can get it by looking at any of the packages offered on the Disney Honeymoons WebSite. YOu may have to ask your travel agent for more details.


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