Here is how Rider Swap worked for me 11/4 - 11/8


Jan 26, 2019
I know rider swap is a popular topic on this board, and there always seems to be rumors floating around about policies changing. Just thought I would share my actual experience from this past week. Not saying this is how it always works, but this is how it worked for me with the CM's that I dealt with.

On every single attempt I approached the CM with my daughter who is too short to ride as well as the riders who would be in the second group of riders. I would tell the CM that I needed a rider swap. He or she would then ask who was in the 2nd group and scan their magic bands. The CM would then ask if the first group was going through the FP line so she could determine when to set the return time. This always ended up being about 10 minutes later. We would then send Group 1 through, and then when they returned, we would send Group 2 through. Never any issues.

I had wanted to do this on more rides than I actually did, but due to weather and some other scheduling conflicts, I was only able to do it on the following attractions:

Test Track
Thunder Mountain
Expedition Everest
Slinky Dog Dash

A couple other things to note:

It did not matter who already had a FastPass and who did not. That was never a question I was asked. Sometimes the people in Group 2 had a FP and got to ride in twice. Other times people in Group 2 did not have a FP and only rode once on the RS with Group 2.

After scanning magic bands for the people in Group 2, the information is supposed to show up in the app. This does not happen immediately. Sometimes it took 5 minutes to show up. One time it never showed up at all. And then when it did show up it usually did not show all the people having a RS that it was supposed to, usually only 1 or 2 even though we got it for 3. Regardless of all this, I would send Group 2 into the FP line when the time came and the light would always turn green.

So in summary, at least for me, it was business as usual when it came to rider swap.


Feb 6, 2018
This is incredibly helpful. Thank you for posting your experience and especially the bit about the app. Glad it all worked out fine!


Sep 25, 2018
Thank you for the information based on actual experience! That is the way RS should work. Happy to hear it went well for you. I'll be booking my FP soon and am planning on just booking FP for the first group. That way the smaller child can have a FP with an adult to go on something during the same time.


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