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    Feb 25, 2008
    I am hoping someone can help me! We are travelling to Disney in March. The first 4 nights we are supposed to be renting a home with family members and then the next 6 nights we will be staying at POFQ. I called today to inquire about the DDP and park tix since our stay is split. I was told I would have to buy a 1 day base tix with my room ressie in order to add the DDP. This means I will have to pay the crazy high 1 day price plus buy a 7 day tix for the rest of our stay. This will be so much more expensive then if I were to just purchase an 8 day pass but then I can not get the DDP. Is there any way around this? I have been calculating all different ways and not coming up with any reasonable answers. If it were the other way and we were staying at the hotel first and then the house we would be fine, UGH!!

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    The only way round it is one of your party has an annual pass. You can book an annual passholder package with the DDP and that means you don't need to buy one day tickets. But if you don't currently have an annual pass you would have to include the cost of getting one so it may not be any cheaper.
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    Does everybody in the party have to have a one day ticket? We have 2 parties staying at our hotel and we all bought one ticket. Once we get there the folks that want to go more than one day to the parks are just going to upgrade their ticket and this will not affect everyone else or the DDP rules.
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    This is correct for the majority of WDTC packages.
    And what your group plans to do is the best way when multiple guests want different type tickets. (Since with a WDTC package, all guests in the party have to buy the same type ticket.)
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    Everyone on a package reservation must buy the same type of ticket, and the same DDP (if they want it) for the entire length of the reservation. The only exceptions to the ticket purchase requirement seems to be annual passholders and persons using the military room discount, who may purchase the dining plan in a ticketless package so they can take advantage of specially priced military ticket offers.

    Of course, as posted above, the one-day tickets can be upgraded. But that doesn't help if you already have tickets from a previous stay or you have a split stay and your first portion is offsite. Then you're stuck with the necessity of buying two tickets.

    Another option, if you feel you really must have the dining plan, is to rent points from a DVC member. DVC members can add any of the three dining plans to the reservation without any requirement to purchase tickets.

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