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Earning My Ears
Jan 6, 2001
It was recommended strongly that I reserve early seats for character breakfasts, shows, etc. How do I reserve them? I'm going in 2 mos, is it time now to book them? How do I find out which shows are available and which parks and when? Also, I heard to avoid parks that are early entry ones. If, let's say, that MK is an early entry park on a Tuesday, should I avoid that park for the whole day then and hit it another day? I saw next to Epcot's hours "FW" and "WS" in reference to their hours, what does that mean. Any recommendations for the best shows for 5, 7 and 11 years olds?
Thanks again guys!
I can help with a few of your questions:
click here for a link to the DIS site's Priority Seating Calculator. THis link will tell you which places you can make reservations 60 days out or 120 days or whatever. Then you can find out the earliest daate that you can call for them.
When you see things about Epcot, WS refers to the World Showcase. That's the area with attractions/shops themed to different contries. FW refers to Future World, the area with the World of Energy, The Land, Living Seas, etc.
The time that shows are presented are listed on the park maps for each park and also on a status board at that park. The one in MK is on the left side of Main Street just when it becomes a circle. Epcot is in the area in front of the fountain in Innoventions Plaza. the Studios is on Hollywood Blvd on the right side at the Sunset Blvd corner. AK's is just after you leave the Oasis on the right side. The CMs at those areas are full of information that can help you plan your day.*

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Always best to make character reservations as far in advance as you can. Call (407) WDW DINE for the best help. Remember you can always cancel later. We made reservations at the Crystal Palace for lunch on the day we were visiting Magic Kingdom and made similar breakfast plans inside MGM on the day we visited there. That way you dont have to make a special trip for a meal and then to the park.
Visit the parks on early entry days ONLY if you are taking advantage of early entry. The parks are most crowded on those days. An alternative may be to find out which night is "E ticket night" at Magic Kingdom. For only $10 you can stay for 3 or 4 hours after the park closes and ride certain long line rides.
Don't miss Fantasmic. The 11:00pm show fills up slower than the earlier show. We also enjoyed the Beauty and the Beast show as well as the Indiana Jones stunt show. The Lion King show at Animal Kingdom is also a good one.

Have Fun!

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