Help with a couple Qs about UY & banking


May 6, 2017
We bought Riviera in Dec with a June UY, & were loaded up with our 2019 points. From what I understand, we have until the end of January to bank the points. Both 2019 and 2020 points show in our account.

We usually take a trip at the end of February, one in the beginning of October, and one in mid-December. We are debating using our points for a welcome home booking in Feb vs. one in December, and staying off site in October as that trip will be centered on Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights. From what I understand, if I want to use these 2019 points for December, we’d need to bank them, and they wouldn’t be available to use for booking until June 2020? And though my 2020 points show on our account, they would have to be borrowed if we booked for December? If this is true, I’m wondering, did we pick a bad use year? I thought I was clear, but now I’m so confused.


DIS Veteran
Nov 26, 2018
The UY matters for when the check in date is not when you book a vacation. So with a UY of June your June 2020 points (and booked 2019) are good for any check in to check out date from June 1, 2020 to May 31, 2021. So your December 2020 will use your 2020 UY points (and any banked 2019 points) however you can make the reservation 11 months out (so basically now). If you don’t bank any points prior to making a reservation you can always call MS after banking points and ask them to reallocate the banked points to any prior made reservation.


Disney Life
Apr 26, 2018
If you are talking about Feb 2020 then that falls in your 2019 UY. That would be a good trip to try to use the welcome home visit on. As far as a December 2020 trip you can book that this month at your home resort (11months out).
You would not need to bank your 2019 points if you plan on using them this February. You can bank any 2019 points you have left over from the February 2020 booking into your 2020 UY (if any) and you can use those along with any 2020 UY points for your December 2020 trip.

And of course a welcome home visit is subject to availability.


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