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Discussion in 'Budget Board' started by kytiam, Jun 7, 2009.

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    :scared1::scared1:Any advice on how to (or not to) deal with possible termites would be sincerely appreciated! We were having a board above our garage door replaced because one end of it appeared to be rotting from water damage. The guy doing the work said he saw termites it it :scared1: He is a personal friend with no connections to any exterminators so he wouldn't be trying to pull one over on us. How can we be sure if it's really termites? How can we be sure we're getting a fair price on treatment? Can we take care of it ourselves? We need to sell this house and I know it won't sell with termites!
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    You need to have an inspection, make repairs, and get the house under a bond. When we lived in Charleston, SC, we had to have a bond...termites are notorious there. We now live in NC and not many people we know have termite bonds b/c they are not prevalent here, but we still have one b/c we had an experience in SC with termites. They had infested the back wall of our garage and a lot of boards and sheet rock had to be repaired. Thankfully because of the bond it did not cost us anything. So, if all you have is a board now that has termites, you are fortunate and should consider this your opportunity to get your house under a bond before anything else crops up! Good luck, I know it is unnerving...

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