Help - should I link all if my tickets to my app?


Mar 3, 2010
I'm going with my wife and 2 kids next month . I have my e-tickets and the Disneyland app, signed in with my account.

Should I link all 4 of them to my Disneyland app now? Any reason to wait, or not link all of them in my app?

Besides making dining reservations, is there anything else I can do with the app before the trip?


Earning My Ears
Oct 11, 2015
I link all of my family’s on my app. Here now and worked great. My husband uses the app too and logs in with my info. We find that easiest.


Earning My Ears
Jan 19, 2017
I’m not sure of any reason you wouldn’t want to just go ahead and link all the tickets, but someone else might chime in with a reason. You will definitely want to have them all linked before you get there in order to save time.

There’s not much else you can do in advance with the app, other than familiarize yourself with it. You will also want to make sure you have a payment method setup in there in advance, in order to pay for things like MaxPass and Mobile Ordering. I highly recommend taking advantage both of those as they are huge time savers.


DIS Veteran
Jul 14, 2014
I’d link them now. Fwiw you can always link them to other Disney accounts as well so nothing to lose. HOWEVER make sure you properly name each ticket when you linknit on the app as you only get one chance to name the tickets.


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