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Discussion in 'Transportation' started by shelby2001, Sep 26, 2005.

  1. shelby2001

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    May 5, 2001
    Been waiting to see what Southwest comes out with for Presidents week, and I have found a delta flight that I can live with, direct on the way down and a stop on the way back for $300.00 round trip all taxes included, do I buy or hope for something lower to come along? This is for Hartford to LAX not Orlando this time going to Disneyland this time and then a cruise. Someone Help me, DH says buy now but I don't know.
  2. simzac

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    May 8, 2004
    My only thought is to be aware of all the problems Delta is having what with their recent bankruptcy and layoffs, what are the chances the flights you purchase will actually be the flights you travel on. Have seen several threads on these boards lately where Delta has canceled or changed flight schedules after tickets were bought. Just a heads up. Don't want to see anyone on these boards get burned by one of the airlines that are having difficulties. :earsboy:
  3. Tinkim

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    Mar 9, 2004
    That's a tough one. I am one of those people who booked Delta pre-bankruptcy from MHT to MCO for $128 R/T per person. My schedule has changed several times; however, with each schedule change the flight times have improved. We are now leaving 20 minutes later with a very early flight and we are getting 4-1/2 hours more in Orlando for the return flight. However, this could all change again so I am not holding my breath. We are going the week after President's week. I have waited for SW to open its schedule on President's week before and the sale flights sold out so fast the best I could get was around $230 R/T per person. I had nine people total flying so I wasn't too sure I could get that many SW tickets at a sale price and I couldn't pass up $128 because I have never gotten such a low fare. I feel pretty confident that Delta will still be flying in February and as for the schedule changes I think that happens on most of the major airlines when you book as far out as I did. I flew US Air last year and they filed for bankruptcy shortly after I bought my tickets also (see a pattern here? :teeth: ) and they did change our flight times slightly and I didn't notice any difference at all in the service. I know people have flights booked on Delta even further out than I do so I am inclined to agree with your DH. That is a very busy travel week and it may be hard to find any decent fares on any airline. Good luck. Hope you find what you need at a price you can live with.

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