Help!! Please.


Oct 11, 1999
This is a hard one, but I hope you all can help me out :)
We are staying at the HRH, but NOW my sister has expressed a wish to go too!!!! I do not think a regular room will work for all of us :( I love her.. but that is just a bit too close :)
HRH is full to the brim!! Does anyone know anything about the Holiday Inn across the street??How close is it??
Could she get tranportation to HRH from there?? It may be tooooo difficult to work out, but I thought I would try.If she can't make this trip, maybe the next! :)
Let me know if you have any ideas please :)
Various numbers, packagers, may not have any of THEIR allotted rooms left, this doesn't necesarily mean that the hotel is full. For instance, HRH allots rooms to Universal Orlando Vcations,, and Loews own toll free reservations line, among others. If one says they are full, it may merely mean they don't have any of their allotted rooms left. Just try another consolidator. Try going to and pulling up your dates to see if they have additional rooms. If this fails, call the Hotels DIRECT line, NOT the 800 number.

I originally booked one room and then believe it or not MY sister wanted to come. When I called the Loews number, they said they were full, I tried and they not only had rooms for those nights, they were also less expensive! Give it a try
Try the link at the top of the page "Hard Rock Hotel Reservations". I saw some rooms available for a sold out period, but they were full price, about $288/reg room.:eek:
The Radisson Hotel Orlando is the closest off-site hotel to Universal and offers a shuttle to the park. Sheraton's Studio City Hotel also is very close to the park and offers a shuttle.

For more info on the Radisson call: 1-800-333-3333.

For more info on the Sheraton call: 1-888-625-5144.

A cab from either of these hotel's to Hard Rock shouldn't cost more than $5 each way.

Thank you so much. I will give this information to my sister and let her decide.
As usual... you guys are great! :)
As far as offsite hotels go, I highly recommend the Sheraton Studio City. Stayed there twice. It is newly renovated, nice rooms, great view, friendly staff, good theming, and convinient shuttle.


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We almost stayed at the Holiday Inn Universal Studios a year ago so I did some research on it. I'm fairly certain they have a complimentary shuttle to the parks. I think they just spent a lot of money renovating and single rooms all have balconies. The rooms are supposed to be nice, but the pool is small. I think offers this hotel. There is a TGI Fridays adjacent to the hotel.

I bet your sister will be able to get a room at the HRH if she really wants to!


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