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Sep 19, 1999
My two daughters are too short for DD and Hulk. We were going to do three days of US/IOA in July with three nights prior at WDW..........we will however be in the Orlando area next Jan and would be able to add three days prior to our cruise to do either WDW or US/IOA. My question is should we go in July or wait till they are tall enough (which in a year they should be)? This would be our first trip to universal and thinking maybe it would be better to do this in a not so hot of season?


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Jan 7, 2000
None of my 3 children were tall enough to ride Hulk or DD this trip. But there is plenty else to do. My oldest could ride Dr. Doom's fearfall and all could ride everything else. I have a 9, 8 and 5 year old. There is Jurassic park river adventure, the Unicorn family coaster, Spiderman, all of Suess, Pteradon flyers, toon Lagoon which will get you plenty wet (especially Blutos Barges which get you soaked!!!). At Universal they can ride everything then if they are almost tall enough for Hulk. So I would not let it stop you for just these coasters. The is it to hot in July? question. I don't know I have never gone in the summer. But my advice is to go now and go then. There is always something new and just think how they will have those coasters to look forward to.


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Sep 7, 1999
My son and I have been 11 times and he STILL can't quite make the height requirement for the Big Coasters. Yet, he never feels like he's missing anything and on our last trip my sister came down for his birthday and the place he wanted to show her of all the parks in Orlando was Universal.

There's more than enough to enjoy without being 54" tall. But he is really looking forward to that inch so he can finally try them out!


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