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May 6, 2001
I just called Starwood reservations to check on availablity during our easter stay (Swan reservations was closed). I was quoted 190.00 plus tax for a traditional room which I was told was a resort view with a view of cresent lake. This was their AP rate for that time. I dont know what to do....should I trust Starwood or should I call the resort itself in the morning. He said he was unsure if it had a balcony ( he said it looked like it did because there was a chair in the picture) or not but did tell me it was normally a 435.00 room. We are booked currently at the Contemporary for six days but thought we might like to try the Swan also and have the availability to walk into Epcot and MGM. I just don't know what to do!! Should we go for it?? LOL

We have never stayed there so this would be a new experience for us.
Oh, by all means always call direct. They may not be able to do better, but most time they can. Be sure to tell if you're a government employee, nurse or teacher.
stay at the Contemporary.. it is a great resort and i if i had a reservation there i wouldnt get out of it for any other resort!
I was thinking of splitting the stay between the two resorts. Just not sure I want to hassle with two check ins and moving luggage. From what I understand and I could be wrong Disney wont transfer your luggage from one of their resorts to the Swan or Dolphin meaning we would have to do it. We would only be saving about 83 dollars switching resorts but that would pay for a nice dinner or a massage LOL. I am making myself totally nuts with this ROFL!

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