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    Jan 1, 2007

    I'm hoping that I can get some help from the experts!!! Sorry if this ends up being long. My family hasn't been any help. Oldest wants the GF (thinks we should stay at the "best" place), my husband just says go for the cheapest, another one wants animals, another wants BC.... There are 7 of us so I have to ultimately make the call. Plus I am celebrating my 50th birthday so I want to be happy.

    If the 4/7 deal comes out, I will be booking on Monday.

    So, I priced out some of the options for room only. I think we will stay at a deluxe since we will be saving so much with the deal. We need 2 rooms for all of us.

    Here are the estimates:

    AKL - pool view $2,200
    AKL - Club - $2,700
    Cont - Bay Lake - $3,500
    BC - standard - $3,000
    GF - $3,600

    I could also book 3 rooms at CSR $2000 or 3 preferred rooms at CBR for $2,350. (or 2 rooms for $1,350 or 1,570)

    I read the posts that say to go with the theme you like best, but they all have something special. So I was looking at the prices. There is around a $1,400 difference between the CR or GF and the AKL and even more when compared to a mod.

    So here's our basic plan. We will probably spend every other day at a water park and usually visit Epcot every day. On our park days we spend the morning at the park, eat lunch there and then go back to the hotel to hang out at the pool. We will then have a TS dinner and hit a park.

    So what would you do???:scratchin
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    Feb 14, 2003
    When picking a resort, I think it is always helpful to determine what kinds of things you like to do in the World. From your description, it looks like the obvious "best fit" is the BC. It has great access to EPCOT, a mini water-park for a pool, and all the dining and fun options of the Boardwalk and Swan and Dolphin. We absolutely love the BC, and you can see from my sig that we have stayed several places around the World. Every place you listed has its advantages, but with your proposed schedule I'd go with the BC.
  3. rt2dz

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    I always pick a resort strictly by the theme (and good deal if there is to be one). Location means nothing to me. I like uniqueness in a resort, in addition to always trying something new. Out of your choices, the best themed imo is AKL. I would do a Savannah view, which CL is. I hate pool views though. By going CL, you'll save a little bit on food and you'll be spending the least at AKL of all those choices.

    Full disclosure: We’re staying Poly in June and AKL CL in September.

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