help getting to epcot from PO riverside


DIS Veteran
Aug 29, 2012
I'm doing a painting thing and was told to be at epcot no later than 7:45 a.m. we are staying at port orleans riverside. what is the best way to go about this? are the buses even running? should i just Uber it to be on the safe side? where do i tell uber to drop me off? is there a better way?

i figure before i go floundering blindly into this, i should ask the pros.


DIS Veteran
Jun 28, 2008
There are early buses, yes.

You can also take an Uber/Lyft. Just have them take you to the front of the park.


DIS Veteran
Apr 29, 2016
I would think you could do the bus easily. They start running quite early. Maybe be to the stop by 6:40?
Although if an Uber is only $10 or so, I would probably just do that to be sure.


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