help before I cry!

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Beverly Lynn

comfortably numb
Oct 17, 1999
ok I have tried several times now. how do I put my clip art back in? all I really want to do is put my picture back in. am I not doing it right?aaaaa help!
ok I have tried it again and its still not working. I can't even get my little jumpy changing colors smiley face to work......boy am I computer illiterate!
I'll try to help (don't want no crying here...)...

Go into edit profile and look under signature.

type the following but put the following symbol (<) before img and put > after the url. Make sure to put the url in quotes.

img src="url" using the url for your photo. If you need to resize it then put
img width="200" src="url"
Don't worry we'll get it.

Here's your photo in case it didn't go through in the PM I sent you.


Not open for further replies.


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