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Discussion in 'Disney Dining Plan' started by Goofy's Wife007, Aug 5, 2006.

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    Hello -

    I'm a little confused, and any guidance you can provide would be great!
    We are going for some R&R in Sept for 3 nights, I just booked a room through Disney for Pop. The$64 rate. When we started looking at things, we enjoy the dining plan, we've used it twice before, and we like to eat! My question is after reading some of these posts, I wondered if I jumped the gun to fast, and should I have gone through AAA to book hotel 1 day ticket and dining. Is it cheaper to go through AAA? verus Disney?
    If I stay with the reservation from Disney, how far in advance do I have to add the ticket and dining plan?

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    Aug 19, 1999
    If you're staying at the Pop Century resort, the Dining Plan is only available as part of specific packages, and will not be available to you if you're staying there on a room-only discount. You don't "add it on" so much as switch to a valid, qualifying package (losing whatever price advantages you may have had from your original reservation).

    There are very specific AAA packages which are discounted, but also include the Dining Plan. That's probably your best bet.

    If you want the Dining Plan, you should start with that as the basis of your reservation and work from there, rather than the other way around.
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    If you are using the BPN code, which would give you a $64 per night rate for a standard room at Pop, you can add on a MYW package that would include dining. See the link below.

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