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Discussion in 'Orlando Hotels and Attractions' started by hillell02, Feb 22, 2012.

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    Feb 22, 2012
    I am planning our first disney/universal trip and need help with some strategy. We are a family with 2 kids (7,9) our trip is late march. We plan to hit the MK, Epcot and Harry Potter. 3 park days and 2 half-days at the pools. We are planning to rent a car for the last (or second to last) day and then drive south the see the relatives.

    this is what i am looking for:
    --easy access to hotel/parks/airport/dinner (do i rent a car or find a convenient hotel with shuttle?)
    --don't want to have to linger a a giant breakfast as my kids are late sleepers and i will need to roust them early for rope drop. (kitchen a plus)
    --Fab pools for down time
    -- looking for a hotel in the 200$ range. but I am picky so I don't want a motel type place.
    -- would prefer to be able to walk to dinner or just eat in hotels. i just hate the idea of schlepping back and forth with tired kids and sore feet.

    so far I have targeted the dolphin as a pretty good spot for us but it is sold out. also looking at the Hiton/Wyndham bonnet creek and the Hilton/Wyndham lake Buena vista (downtonwn disney)

    I also just got word back from vacation upgrades that they have a room at wyndham bonnet creek CONDO for a very good price (nervous about this trip adding up.) Wondering if the amenities at the hotel are good for the condo i.e. pools, transportation. Is is a plus to be near downtown disney or on property? I have no idea what it is like. Any other condo ideas?

    Do you all have any opinions on those above hotels based on our needs OR any other tips for hotels. I have really been obsessing about the transportation. I picture it like trying to park and get around JFK airport and am dreading all of that. Talk me down... :-):confused:

    Any and all advice welcome and appreciated!!


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