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Aug 13, 2000
When the heat and humidity of WDW starts to get overwhelming here's what I've learned to do:

A hat of any sort helps against the sun beating down on you. If you wear a baseball type hat wear it backwards, not only do you look cool but the brim of the hat covers the back of your neck which can hurt if sunburnt.

Avoid sodas when possible they can make you thirstier, stick with lemonade, water or powerade (save those powerade bottles you can use them to fill with water later to save $$$)

When in MK on the hot days you can walk down Main St cool and comfortable, just cut through the air conditioned gift shops most of them connect with each other.

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Thanks! Great tips!!

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The shops at MGM are also connected, just like the ones at the Magic Kingdom. Really helps during a rainstorm, too! :D

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I went to WDW last August and bought a couple of misty mates. They were fantactic, better than the water pumps with fans. Here's a link: Misty Mate. I got mine on ebay for $5 each plus s&h. It was one of the small ones (who wants to carry all that water around?) and I put ice cubes in it during the day to make the mist colder.

-- Robin


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