Have you stayed in a tent at FW??


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Nov 20, 2000
Hi, we have been thinking about spending a few days at FW relaxing. But our famliy owns tents. Would we be out of place? Are there sperate areas for tent campers and RV campers?
I ask because RV's are somtimes noisy and I think having one a few feet away might take away from the nature "feel".
Can anyone share their tent camping experiance??


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We stayed in a pop-up, in a preferred loop, just for the convenience to the marina. The sites there are generally adequately wooded so we didn't find it noisy there. However, there are some partial hook-up loops (only water & elec) where you are much less likely to find RV's. Plenty of people do tent-camp at FWC. :) You'll surely like it - it's a fantastic campground! :D

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We stayed in a tent last August in a preferred loop, and it was wonderful. We requested a site close to the comfort station and got one right across the street. It was not too noisy, and we didn't feel out of place. There were several other tents in the area.
depending on the area you would like, a preferred site has a full hookup with cable, or the 1500 loop is a partial hookup area, close to most everything, and very nice too. I say go for it. You'll have a ball.

We stayed in a tent for our first two trips back in 73 and 74. In 97 I was "kicked" out of the trailer to sleep in my tent so there would be room for others. I say that jokingly because I felt I got the better end of the deal in not having to be in the air conditioning. We were in 525. I didn't have trouble with noise but then again I never went to bed before 2am and was up by 6am. The only noise I heard at night was the armadillos scraping the road as they walked.

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We have tent camped at FW for the last 12 years, and we love it! There are separate loops just for tents and pop-ups, so you don't feel out of place next to the huge motorhomes!

The sites are all nicely secluded, with lots of trees and bushes in between each site. And, the tent sites are actually a little larger than the motorhome sites, so you can set up 2 tents, as well as a screen tent!

- Rhonda :-)
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We haven't gone camping anywhere in years, but are thinking about digging out the camping gear (by this I mean the tent etc.) and I was wondering if it is unrealistic to camp at FW at the end of July? I'd like to hear about other's experiences in dealing with the heat, afternoon showers, bugs etc. :eek: ;) :D



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Tenting is great at Fort Wilderness and I've never had a major problem with noise. The only thing you should be prepared for IMO is that you'll be pitching your tent on a compacted sand bed. Soooooo.... bring nail style tent pegs & a mallet. Also use an air matress if you plan to do a ground bed. The ground is as hard as a rock from years of camping. If you want click on the My Walt Disney World Trip link in my signature and read my trip report on Fort Wilderness.

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Hi Andy: I just read your trip report and looked at all your pictures. It was great!! Gave me some ideas for our next trip in March. I really want to check out FW, it looks like a fun place!



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We tent camped in loop 300 a couple of weeks ago. Everything thing that you have read so far is pretty much the same thing I have to say. The only thing I can add is that if you want location preference in order to be near the marina and the Settlement Depot, then you will be in a preferred loop amongst RV's. This is where we stayed, but we had no problems with noise at all...in fact, the only noise that came as a shock was the Electrical Water Pageant. Our first night there (after driving 16 hrs) we were awaken at 9:45pm by the sound of the parade as loud as it would have been if it was piped in by surround sound speakers. Other than that, you will have a very nice stay even if you have RV's for neighbors. Have fun!

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TimNDansMom, I've never tent camped at FW before, but I can tell you that it will be extremely hot and muggy at that time of year. If you're okay with it, I guess it's better than not being at WDW at all, but it's not my idea of a dream vacation. The nights are going to be very hot, especially in the tent. Also, it will probably rain almost every afternoon. If you're going to want somewhere that you can sit and be dry, you may not be too happy.

You didn't mention if you've lived in Canada your whole life or if you've ever been to Florida in the summer, but I'm guessing you may not be too happy.

Sorry to be so negative, but Disney vacations are expensive, and it would be sad if your family was miserable the whole time.

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Thanks for the kind words about my website TimandDansMom. As you can tell I'm a great fan of Fort Wilderness and would go more often if my budget allowed it. It's not without reason it's considered a world class campground.:)

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Hi Kermit: Thanks for replying! Yes, I've lived in Canada all my life (born in England, though) and I've been to Florida several times in the summer as well as a couple of times in the winter and once last fall. I guess I was just wondering how campers made out in the heat and humidity. I'm not sure if the weather is reliable enough to camp during our March Break trip, so we are staying in a hotel (offsite this trip to keep costs down). My kids are teenagers and I don't like to take them out of school, so am stuck with Christmas, March Break or summer vacation times.

Hi Andy: You're welcome! I know what you mean about wanting to go back more often. That's why I'm looking at the various ways to stay on-site, so we can go more often. My "addiction" is getting expensive! :D (Almost as expensive as my DH's golfing addiction! ;)) If at all possible, I hope to get over to FW this trip and check out the Trails End Buffet and watch the Electric Water Parade. BTW, do you know what time the parade is? :)



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If you plan enough you will do OK in a tent in July. We tented last year in August, and had a great time. After visiting FW several times during the summer in a camper w/AC we also weren't sure how we would do, but with an extra large tarp to cover our tent, ascreenhous for some protection from rain, and a fan for the tent it was a wonderful trip. We used the fan when we returned to camp in the late afternoon to cool off the tent, and found that at night we got a little cool and had to pull up the flannel sheets during the night. The heat of the day didn't bother us as we were in the park, and hit the pool in the afternoon. The rain was the only uncomfortable part, but it was just enough to cool us off, and usually stopped by evening. I vote yes, you'll have a great time, and it will definitely cut down on expenses.
Can't wait to go back in August,
Val :D :D

I don't know if this would help. I've read on a forum for pop-up campers that some people use a mylar sheet on the tent end bunks of their pop-ups to keep the temperatures inside more comfortable during very hot or very cool weather. They say that it makes a significant difference. These are the thin emergency blankets that may be found at WalMart in the sporting goods or hunting section for ~$2 apiece.

Haven't tried it but we plan to try it when we camp in our pop-up during the summer (no A/C). People use regular clothespins or chip bag clips to secure them to the cloth edge seams of the bunk end roof. Perhaps this would help someone who plans to stay in a tent as well. <IMG SRC="/infopop/emoticons/icon_confused.gif" alt="confused">
Thanks Andy! I missed it last time (November) when we watched the fireworks from the Poly beach. Now I know we didn't stay long enough! ;)

Kingdomqueen and Lisa P: thanks for the great info and hints about tent camping! The more I read here, the more I want to try FW camping sometime! :D



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We have tent camped at Fort Wilderness for 3 vacations now -- all of them in June and July. The weather was hot with afternoon showers the 1st 2 years -- last year it rained HARD for long periods of time several days were were there. Our tent was hot when we returned to the campsite each night, but we would turn on our little portable fans and it would cool down very quickly. Our tent weathered the rain well up until last year. We were overly prepared on our first 2 trips, and decided not to take as much gear the 3rd year - unfortunately, that was the year we needed the gear that we didn't take (tarps, extra stakes, seam sealer, etc.) Our tent had dry-rotted while stored away and we hadn't realized it until I was trying to dry the roof with a towel and my entire arm went through -- we went to Walmart bought those "ditty bags" that are in the camping section, cut the bag to the size of the hole and glued it on using waterproof glue. Worked fine and we were able to stay in the tent until we left for home. I did teach me to take anything I thought I ever would need just in case though.

July will be a wonderful time to camp
I have never tent camped in Florida, as far as Fort Wilderness - noise is not a big issue as far as other rigs, sure the diesel pusher motorhomes make some noise when pulling in but that does not last long, the major source of noice in my opinion is the buses, we usually request a site towards the middle or inside of the loop away from the main roads, yes the electric water parade can be heard from deep in the campground but thats a plesant sound, last trip we got to the marina just as the parade was ending so all we heard was the "Music to walk home by" as my brother termed it.

As far as summer camping - it is quite hot and humid int he summer, I personally could not do it with out ac and thank God for Blizzard Beach

Some people bring those window ac's for there tents..... hey don't laugh it probably works..

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My son and I have tent camped frequently at the beach (here in North Carolina) so we thought we'd try it at WDW. We went for two weeks last August. We have a large (3 room) tent and set up a screen tent across the end (like a t shape). Inside the screen tent we set up our microwave & dorm size refrigerator on a table. Under the table we put our air conditioner! We put tarps around the inside of our screen tent to keep the rain out and had a cool and dry two weeks. The A/C kept the tent so cool at night that I ended up either turning it to the fan setting or sleeping with a blanket. I slept on a cot and my son slept on an inflatable mattress. The only thing missing was maid and room service.

We stayed in the 400 loop. My son felt the need for the cable tv although we watched very little during our visit. I wanted to be close to the marina and bus stops.

It ended up being one of the cheapest trips we've made to WDW and we were having so much fun we almost stayed another week.

I'd do it again in an instant. The only thing I didn't like was the lack of a refill station for the refillable mugs. I hated waiting for a server to come collect our mugs and take them to be filled.


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Caroyn- campers are an ingenious bunch! I love the AC idea but there is no way we will have room! We are also going in August and the heat is an issue. I just hope the fans work. All these tips are great. Many of the ideas I wouldn't have thought of.

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