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Aug 12, 2001
a car locally (where you live) & driven to WDW? This may be a dumb question, but will the car rental companies let you do this? Since our car has 100,000+ miles, DH says it shouldn't be driven that far (from TN, about 1200 mi RT). DH & DD are afraid to fly, so this leaves me looking for a rental car.
I've never done it. But apparently a lot of people up this way do rent minivans for summer vacations, whether it's driving to WDW or the beach!

hi have a brand new town and country minivan with 9,000 miles on it and i rent to go on vacation and i will tell you why . valet parking at hotels never know how they drive it or where they park it puting mile on your car a trip for us is 4000+ miles that is more than i put on in 6 months why run up the mile on my car. last trip kids spilled a coke in the car i am glad it wasn't mine there is nothing wrong with rent a car to go a lot of people do it
Once, we rented a van to drive cross-country for 2 weeks. We put about 5000 miles on it, and there were no problems! It was great - the van was almost brand new, and I didn't feel bad about getting it dirty.

Another item to remember, rent the vehicle from a nationwide company and when you have a problem with the vehicle, all you have to do is take to the nearest rental location and turn it in for a different one. No waits for service. When we visited Yosemite a couple years age, a bear tore out two windows a climbed inside our rental van and preceded to tear up the seats and vitually destroy the interior. We drove the van to Reno and traded it for a new one. My car insurance company paid 100% of the damage. Some rental companies will restrict the mileage on a local rental so what out for that.
Be sure to tell them you will be driving it out of state. Some rental agreements are in state only.

A guy I work with has an old car and when it's time to take his kids back and forth to college (about 500 miles), he rents a car or van.
Thanks for the replies & tips. Looks like this is a good possibility for our trip.

Nuthut-hopefully there won't be any bears to contend with at WDW, but thanks for the tip on staying with a national company. You never know what could happen!

Another question--If you are renting locally but driving out of state, can you still make your reservation on the internet? Seems like the online rates are better.

We are renting here in my state and driving to WDW w/unlimited mileage. I don't know about renting online for a better deal and taking out of state, but I personally feel more confident making the ressie with a real person than the computer. Also, remember to do a check of the vehicle before taking delivery of it -like the tires, fluids, locks, etc....if you belong to triple AAA, they offer a 20% discount thru Hertz.


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