has anyone been to the world 4-5 months pregnant??

Discussion in 'Disney for Families' started by disneyworldmomma, Sep 2, 2007.

  1. disneyworldmomma

    disneyworldmomma planning for years to come.........

    Jun 4, 2007
    hello hello!!! well i am one of those women who always said i would never go to WDW preggo!!!! well here i go 4 months:cloud9: i was just wondering if anyone had any suggestion,comments,or helpful hits!!! we leave in 5 days!!:woohoo:
  2. two-foxes

    two-foxes DIS Veteran

    Sep 9, 2002
    I was 18 weeks when we went in January. Just follow the usual advice....drink lots of water, wear comfortable shoes, and have fun!

    I skipped the all the "Mountains" of the world, but enjoyed the safari at AK, even though it warns against pregnant riders. It is quite calm. I did take the time to enjoy those attractions that we normally ignore, like some of the attractions in Fantasy Land at MK and World Showcase.

    Don't worry, you'll have a blast! Just rest when/if you get tired!

    We are taking our little guy for his first "out of belly" trip in December:banana:
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  4. Siouxstone

    Siouxstone DIS Veteran

    Nov 1, 2004
    I went at 6 months and had a blast! Go slow, drink lots of water, sit down every chance you get (even if you are fresh and feeling great) and have a blast!

    If you have any weirdness, pop in to First Aid. They can help you decide if you have an issue. They are great! I developed a weird rash on my legs and it turned out I was having a reaction to the sun. They directed me to a clinic on Vineland-Apopka and I was soon back in the parks. (I did have to take a quick trip to Walgreens for a prescription and Wal-mart so I could buy long pants and long sleeve shirts.)

    Discover some shady nooks, they are everywhere if you look for them. It's amazing how many rides you can still ride. My fav thing about my preggie trip- buying my DS ears before he was even born.:love:

    Have a great trip!
  5. briarose

    briarose determined disney daydreamer

    Aug 31, 2007
    You'll have a blast I went when I was about 4-5 months preggers with a 16 month old and had no problems. I normally drink alot of water so not a problem for me and a must in the heat. When you get a chance to sit put your feet up every once in a while just in case you have any tendency to retain water in the heat. I too went on the Safari no problems at all even though they caution you when you are pregnant I think that is to cover themselves. I didn't do the mountains, the test track or tower of terror of course but everything else was fine. Oh I also skipped the raceway because of the fumes and I didn't want anyone knocking into me. Years ago I went with my two sisters who were 6 months pregnant and they were fine. You just have to pace yourself a little so you don't tire out too early but I didn't tire at all. Definitely wear maternity clothes not only for comfort but that way when you ride Disney transport people will be more willing to give you their seat, you definitely don't want to be standing on those buses! Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy:dance3:
  6. katdocnorf

    katdocnorf DVC since 1997

    Aug 10, 2003
    Same as above pretty much. I was pregnant with DD6 she was born in Feb and we had gone the previous October. I have a pic, I'll post it when I get home (shhh, I am at work). I just didn't push to hard. Took it very slow. We actually did the older version of the dining plans they had back then and we had 3 sit down meals a day. Which I loved that very much. First of all FFFFOOOOOOOOOOODDDD :lmao: and second of all, it gave me a good break. If I was really having an off day we would go back to the room for a nap. And then of course, you can't do no roller coasters or TOT....:sad2: Safari was fine for me also... I couldn't get myself in those raceway cars if I wanted to.... It was hard enough getting up and down out of a chair :rotfl2: That would have been Funniest Home Videos waiting to happen.

    I took frozen bottles of water everyday.. I had a little cooler pack that fit wonderfully inside my backpack and held about 4 of them and when I drank one about half down and it still had some ice I would refill at water fountain and then drank the rest. That would give me about 6 bottles of water a day or 12 glasses (16 oz bottles); way more than the 8 you need. Of course DH and DS drank some too.

  7. disneyworldmomma

    disneyworldmomma planning for years to come.........

    Jun 4, 2007
    thanks for all you postes i was kinda thinking along those lines oh yeah and as far as maternity clothes go thats all i can fit into ALREADY!!!!!this is #3 and i just get huge fast:confused3 THANKS AGIAN!!!
  8. TinkerbelleMom

    TinkerbelleMom Mom to 3 Princesses

    Oct 29, 2006
    You've already gotten some great advice, so I'll second that. Especially the food part. Remember, you're eating for 2 now, so be sure to make the most of it! We haev AP's, and live only an hour away, so I've done WDW in all stages of pregnancy...last trip pregnant was 10 days before delivery, and I lived to tell the tale. Rest even if you don't think you need it, you may get tired faster than you think, so be sure to take the time to people watch in a shady spot with your Mickey Ice Cream!
  9. mericletwins

    mericletwins DIS Veteran

    Jan 5, 2007
    Drink water the entire time whether you are thirsty or not. The heat in Sepetember will zap you before you know it. Sit as much as you can. I found I enjoyed sitting and people watching while I was pregnant. It was a very relaxing trip.
  10. inloveindisney

    inloveindisney DIS Veteran

    Nov 12, 2003
    I went at 5 months and although it was a little different than normal, ,we really enjoyed ourselves. We took the opportunity to do things we don't t normally do. I think we saw every show possible and we rode all the slow rides that we normally skip because we are waiting in lines for the fast rides. We also enjoyed meals more. We planned extra table service meals and took our time eating them. Did a lot of shopping too. Oh! We rode a boat whenever possible. The first time my husband felt her kick was on a boat ride in disney! For some reason, she wiggled like crazy every time we were on a boat!
    We went in December, so it was a little cooler. I wore socks with Crocs and was pretty comfortable feet wise. You will start noticing where the benches are. We had to take breaks quite often. My body sure was tired! Oh! and put your feet up when possible. I couldn't believe how much my feet swelled while I was there. The first day I didn't put my feet up and after just a few hours I was miserable.
    Oh! we also made sure to check out the baby stations. We hadn't been to them before, so we took the opportunity to visit. So, now we know where they are and what to expect when we take our little one this time around.
    My only disappointment was that we didn't find many infant outfits or maternity shirts. Just so you know, you can find maternity disney at K-mart or burlington coat factory before you go. I'm glad I bought some shirts before I went.
  11. hcmommy

    hcmommy Mouseketeer

    Jun 25, 2007
    hijacking your thread for a minute-Disney Maternity shirts-has anyone seen them recently at Burlington or K-Mart?

    Good tip on wearing maternity so people will give up their seats. I'm going at 16 weeks but I'm sure I will be in maternity by then since it's baby no. 2 and I'm ALREADY showing!
  12. eebadeeba

    eebadeeba Mouseketeer

    Sep 23, 2006
    I love going to Disney pregnant (except for missing some of the rides). It forces me to walk more, which seems to help me not feel alot of the pregnancy woes. At home it is hard to convince myself of this and actually get out and walk. I am not sure of all the reasons, but I have always felt good while at Disney, when even at home before and after the trip I am nauseated, have no appitite and am exhausted. Maybe its the exercise, but also the emotional part of it seems to help too.

    Hope you have a great time.
  13. trulygoofy

    trulygoofy DIS Veteran

    Dec 7, 2005
    I have been every time that I have been pregnant and only had a problem once. I was 5-6 months pregnant with #3 so I was really showing and I passed out. It was because my blood sugar got too low, so I always suggest taking small snacks like peanut butter crackers and be sure to snack between meals. It was more embarrassing than anything. You can also get a wheel chair if you aren't feeling good. I was offered one and turned them down and regretted it later when I saw several tired looking pregnant women being wheeled around!
  14. QueenGoblin

    QueenGoblin Mouseketeer

    Apr 30, 2006
    I was around 6 months preggo last September. It was great. My older DD still couldn't ride any of the "big kid" rides and my DH doesn't care, so we just stuck to the rides we could all do (which at WDW is MOST of the stuff anyway.) The only time I felt weird at all was when I got thirsty, so take everyone's advice and keep hydrated. I actually felt great, even chasing a 3 year old across the parks all day long. The walking and the heat really didn't get to me at all.

    Enjoy your trip! I'm jealous that you are going this time of the year. DH talked me into waiting until January so he could run the marathons.:headache:

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