Hard Rock Hotel, silly question?


Jan 27, 2002
If you stay in Hard Rock Hotel, Universal...does that include

your ticket to Universal Studio? I thought the price quote from

them was rather high, and was wondering.

Another question is:

Has anyone used priceline.com before?

We went on there, and was needing a room for 4 people,

but from what i understand, they can't quarantee you a room

but for 2 people..is that right? Do you have to actually call the

hotel in question directly to find a price? Seems like that depleats

the purpose of priceline.com..them bidding for your business..

Sorry a lot of questions, but trying to get the best price for the money..


Hi, Anny:

No, the rate for HRH does not include admission into the park. Try AAA or Entertainment card rates for discounts on the hotel. You can get the Ent book on www.entertainment.com or try www.loewshotels.com for the Loews First card. All of these methods can greatly reduce rack rates for certain off peak dates. Call 1-888-UESCAPE and ask for the best rate for the nights you want.

Go to www.biddingfortravel.com for the hotel list and complete information on how to bid on Priceline. I have used it 5 times with no problems BUT you must know what you're doing. Disappointment comes when you don't know the basics of PL. Bidding too high or not knowing the "stars" for hotels can really cause a problem.

Hope that helps. If you need any more info, PM me.
Priceline only guarantees a room for two. In a place like New York City you are likely to get a room with one double bed.

But in Orlando... You have a 99.999% chance of getting a room for 4.

Use BiddingforTravel.com. Read the FAQS and the Orlando Hotels section of that board.

I've decided not to use Priceline for Orlando stays again because when I am in Orlando I want to be on-site and in the lap of luxury. But I use Priceline frequently for other locations.

One place I would use Proceline is the Orlando airport..If I had a late arrivale or early departure.
I wouldn't say that your chances are 99.999% that you get a room w/2 beds in Orlando when using Priceline. The chances are pretty good because more Orlando rooms have 2 beds rather than 1, but we all know that nothing in life is a certainty.

Much like a retail store running a sale, the way that PL works is that the hotels offer their excess inventory to PL. So, the room you get is based on what people have booked through more conventional methods, whether you call the hotel directly to make a specific (smoking/non-smoking, 1 bed/2 beds, high/low floor, etc.) room request, whether they can provide that for you, and whether you get a nice clerk at the desk when you check in.

For all you need to know about PL, including the list of known PL hotels in Orlando (which includes some VERY nice hotels & some decent hotels with GREAT locations), check out Bidding For Travel which is the ultimate PL resource. If you use the advice at BFL, I'd say with 99.999% certainty that you can get a room at a nice hotel in Orlando for $30-$60.

They also have Annual Pass and fan club discounts. You didn't say when you were going but on Universal's website they have some specials going that include hotel and tickets.

Good luck! Oh, you can also go the the Loews website and get a free "Loews first" card. Not a big deal but you get some perks and I think you can get rooms discounts with it.


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