Grrrr! Travel Insurance Rant!


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Jun 30, 2007
I checked the tid website, and they list pre existing conditions regarding chronic pain only that requires regular medication or Regular ongoing treatment, shin splint wouldn't fall into that category.
I hate to burst your bubble but I doubt any travel insurance company would pay for you to travel business class with tendon damage.
I had a complete tear of my acl while skiing in NZ, which required a full reconstruction and the most I got was an extra seat on the plane, which had nothing to do with travel insurance and just qantas being nice. I could have had my surgery there but wanted to get home so flew home for the surgery within 24 hours of injury. Travel insurance paid for my crutches and the full leg brace which was around $150.
I don't really expect an upgrade for tendon damage... The point I'm trying to make is that I don't know what could happen (probably nothing), and I want to be prepared for anything.

Most of the travel insurance fine print I've looked at says that a pre-existing condition is basically anything that I'm already aware of that will increase my risk of illness/injury. I'd rather list shin splints as a pre-existing condition and have to pay extra on my premium than risk having something happen and finding out then that they won't cover it because it was pre-existing. Having said that though, I haven't looked at TID because DH had a bad experience with them and won't consider using them again.


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Jun 10, 2007
Fair enough then. Have a look at who underwrites tid and see if other companies are underwritten by them. As shin splints aren't listed you wouldn't need to declare and assume the pds would be similar
I have claimed with them without issue but completely understand if you have had a bad experience! I refuse to even walk into a dymocks bookstore:sad2:


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Apr 3, 2019
Ick! Just picked up the travel insurance thing again (had a few days off to calm my nerves).

Called Suresave (because now I have a registered application file, so I can't just start a new application), and advised them that I was aware of the risks of not listing the surgeries as pre-existing conditions, and that I would now just like to list the shin splints.

Well, apparently they can't do that now! Now that I've listed grommets and possible surgery, I can't take it back :headache: I suppose it serves me right for trying to do the right thing... The guy I spoke to is going to get his supervisor to call me tomorrow and see if they can help me any more, but in the meantime, he told me to feel free to have a play around on their website with the screening process to see if I could figure out exactly what the issue is.

I did have a play around, and found out that the issue is definitely the grommets. Any time I ticked the 'yes' box for having been in hospital in the last 3 months, I got rejected.

So my new plan is...

Apply for just a single trip insurance to cover our (very close) trip to Singapore, listing the recent surgery as a pre-existing condition, but I won't be concerned if they won't cover it, as long as they'll still cover me for everything else. And if they won't cover it, go to the doc and see if he'll write me a prescription for some antibiotics, just in case. The quotes I'm getting are coming in at around the $200 mark, so financially, it is a real shame that I can't make this part of an annual policy :sad2:

By the time our next overseas trip comes around in February, it will have been more than 3 months since my surgery, so I'll apply for an annual multi-trip policy with just the shin splints listed as a pre-existing condition (which, going from my experiments, should be covered with an extra fee and excess). I'll try to have my nasal/sinus surgery as soon as I can when we come back from Asia (hopefully mid-late March). Then it will be more than 3 months since the surgery by the time we go to the US late August, and I should have had plenty of time to fully recover (and it will also be less of an inconvenience to my training schedule!).

How does that sound?
I would like to know your opinion about AXA Travel insurance policy in Singapore
Have you ever tried it ?


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