Grocery stop and check in?


Nov 11, 2001
This our first trip without a vehicle, we are using TTC. They advertise that they will make a grocery stop for you on the way. We are staying at the VWL and will be arriving in MCO around 11:30am. We will be at the VWL before check in time. If we stop and buy groceries, what do we do with them when we arrive at the resort if our room is not ready?
Bell Services will store your groceries in the refrigerator or freezer as needed until your room is ready. To conserve space, when you're paying for your groceries just ask that they bag the items that need to be refrigerated/frozen separately. We've used Tiffany Town Car and made the grocery stop a couple times and it's worked great. What would be even better is if you luck out and your room is ready!

Have a great trip!
One bit of advice, be certain to tell Tiffany ahead of time that you want to make the grocery stop. If you wait until you're picked up, you could run into a problem as they may have the car scheduled for another pickup that would interfere with your being able to stop for groceries.


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