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Earning My Ears
Aug 12, 2002
I have a question about the rooms at the GF. I have read the thread about the renovations done on the rooms that have been done since the last time I was at WDW. Can someone please give me an idea of the decor and how it has changed? The link under the GF thread to see the pictures is not working for me. We have always stayed in the Boca Chica building in the past but I keep reading things about how dark it is now. I would appreciate any info you could give me on the new styles. We have always loved the GF in the past, I hope I don't regret picking it again....Thanks again for any info!!!:confused:
Here's a link to my photos take from our Boca Chica room; one of them is the inside of the room and the rest are the view! These were take this past December.

Hope this helps you!

GF view and room
I've been in all the room themes, and they aren't any darker than before. Even the dark blue (Alice theme) rooms are still bright inside. :)


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