Graduation cap or ears?


Aug 25, 2009
Hi! My daughter is having her 2019 high school graduation pictures taken at Epcot in August. Does anyone make Disney graduation caps or graduation ears? I think it'd be cute to have these in a couple pictures. Thanks.


Scrapbook Mom
Dec 28, 2005
They should be available at the parks by March I would think.. However, they may only be the 2018 noted on them. I have a 2018 December college grad so I have to get some order soon for him.. Then I need them for my youngest son in 2019 from HS & mine in 2019 for my college degree...

You might be able to check etsy for someone who might make them.. Our kids have gotten them for each of their graduation HS and college... they love them!


DIS Veteran
Jun 29, 2012
Honestly, I think it would be easy to make one. Get a graduation hat, and make two big ears perhaps like 2 pillows with fluff inside and either glue them on the hat or stick velcro.


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