Good Morning Fantasyland breakfast

alexandra uk

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Jul 14, 2002
Sorry Sarah, I forgot to write that we'll be visiting on Monday June 9th for 4 nights at the Sequoia Lodge :D


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Nov 7, 1999
The characters at Walts were Chip n Dale, Pluto and the girl Rescue Ranger (can't remember her name :o )

It was lovely but I did feel a bit uncomfotable with my 18 month old DD running around those posh surroundings lol ;)


Nov 27, 2002
Hi JillJill

I thought DVC Member Services would have been able to book the breakfast, Paris trip and Buffalo Bills but I asked when I originally booked the room and they said they could only book rooms at DLP. I haven't phoned the hotel yet - need to find their number first. If anyone knows it could you please post.



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Oct 31, 2000
we had our character breakfast in the Disney Village - I can't remember the nsame of the restaurant but it was the one closest to the Hotel New York.

Anyway - it was an absolute farce - the food itself was ok, standard breakfast buffet, but the characters came out into a large room and were instantly mobbed. You were not told to wait at your table, like you are in WDW, and so all the kids (and parents) just pushed in = it was not pleasant and my dd opted not to visit the characters as she didn't like the scrum - the only one who came to our table was Gideon (from the Rescue Rangers) who we had never heard of, I guess noone was that bothered about meeting her.

On the way back to the airport we spoke to a family who ate at Walts and they said it was excellent, so I would try that next time.

We also tried the character dinner in the Disneyland Hotel (I think it's in Innoventions) and the character interaction in here was excellent with the characters coming to each table, and Eeyore actually sat at our table for ages. My only concern (about from a birthday cake mix-up) was that the buffet was rather fancy for my tastes (lots of raw seafood), and so I paid £20+ for dinner and then ate chicken nuggets of the kids buffet.



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May 23, 2002
With you on the Innoventions buffet Bev. The only things that appealed to me were the stuff put out for the kids as well! Although I did pig out on dessert which kind of made up for it...

Also we only saw two characters and they didn't spend very much time with anyone, so was left with the assumption that they were the only two there and had to hurry through so everybody got a look.