Golden Cat Excursion AND/OR beach time


Jan 18, 2002
We'd like to take the Golden Cat trip but want time to spend on the beach/shopping in St. M as well. Couple of quick questions.

1. We're on the March 23rd seven day trip. Will the early excursion 7:45 be cold?

2. What time are we back at the ship?

3. Will we have time to go to a beach as well?

4. If we want some sun and shopping time, should we skip the Golden trip and just do a beach and shop? If yes, should we do a beach excursion or strike out on our own. Either way, which beach?

We did the Golden Eagle last week ( 1/19 cruise)-- it is a MUST do! The crew is fantastic. You will have about an hour of beach time during the excursion if you choose not to snorkel. We did the 7:45 and it was not cold at all. We returned to the ship around noon had lunch then went shopping for the afternoon. The shopping areas are very near the port.
I recommend doing the Golden Eagle in the morning. I have been to St. Marteen several times. After the catamaran, we go right to downtown St. Marteen. Normally, when you are done with the excursion, you are dropped off near the downtown area, not at the ship. There is a good place to eat called Everything's Cool. They serve burgers, chicken, fries, tropical drinks (alcoholic or no-alcoholic). There is a beach right there. We eat, then my DS and I enjoy the beach and ocean while my DW shops.
We also did the morning Golden Eagle excursion on the 1/19 cruise. It was fantastic, one of the highlights of our trip.

1). The water temp is a little cool, but you quickly adjust to it.

2). We were back on the Magic by 12:30, grabbed lunch at Lumiere's and had plenty of time for shopping in St Maarten. Lots of good deals to be found on jewelry this trip.

3). We arrived at Mullett Bay beach at 9:45am and the crew called us back to the ship at 11:15am.

4). You can do the excursion and shop. There is plenty of time to enjoy both activities.

Have fun!

IrishCowboy- The Golden Eagle was a highlight for us too! I could not believe it when I saw DH dancing to the YMCA on the way back! That is something he would NOT normally do -- he was obviously having a GREAT time.

Did you get a picture of all the DISers?
It was the highlight of our trip also!

Towncrier I hope your feet have recovered!

Gotta do this excursion!


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