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    Hi all

    Im looking for some info for a friend of mine who is lucky enough to be staying at GCH on their trip in the Summer. He is debating upgrading from a theme park view room to a theme park concierge room and had the following questions:

    -Is there a difference in the rooms themselves (regular theme park view versus concierge theme park view)
    -What are the typical hours of the concierge lounge?
    -He is travelling with his wife and son are they allowed to take items such as water bottles and snacks from the lounge into the park?
    -Where is the lounge in relation to the room?
    -Are you allowed to use the lounge on your arrival day even if your room isnt ready (i.e. if they check in at 7am can they use the lounge until their room is ready)?
    -What are the other perks to staying in the concierge level?
    -Are there any added benefits to children staying at this level (extra activities etc).

    Thanks a bunch
  2. Nonsuch

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    Some answers:
    The rooms are the same. Rooms will generally be located on the 6th floor near the lounge. There are standard and park/pool views near the lounge, but DTD views will be farther away.

    Most of the food in the lounge would be difficult to carry, but grabbing a few drinks is a common practice.


    Concierge guest are greeted downstairs and escorted up to the 6th floor, there is a dedicated registration/guest service desk. This is just outside the lounge.
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    I can answer a few:
    Yes they can take stuff into the park.
    They'll have access the minute they check in.
    I think the theme park view rooms are on the same floor as the lounge. The standard may or may not be. The rooms are the same whether they're concierge or not.
    I think the lounge opens at 6 am until late in the evening.

    There's a concierge lounge thread with info and pics on here. Either search or check the info stickie.
  4. lillibet123

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    Apr 27, 2007
    Thanks guys. Also wondering if there is still storytime in the lounge at bed time for the kiddies?? Im pretty sure that there was when we stayed there years ago. Also wondering if people can give examples of the hot appys served.
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    Same rooms are regular rooms and your view depends on what you book and pay for
    6:30 - 10 am : Grand Beginnings with muffins, pastries, hard boiled eggs, bagels, toast, fresh fruit, cereal and yogurt (need to ask for it), instant oatmeal
    11 am - 4 pm: High Tea, tea sandwiches including veggie, salmon and turkey, chocolate dipped strawberries, assorted snacks - goldfish, pretzels and trail mix. We found the sandwiches plenty for lunch
    5:00 pm - 7:00 pm - Happy Hour with 2 hot apps such as chicken satay, crab cakes, spring rolls, etc. and veggie crudite, Beer and Wine served and apps are hearty enough for dinner
    8:00 pm - 10:00 pm - Sweet endings, asst desserts and cordials (you can still get beer or wine)
    The lounge is always open from 6:30 am to 10 pm so you can get drinks and snacks - usually fruit, chips, goldfish, etc.
    Yes - we always load up on water or juice boxes if you have kids. The sodas are in glass so you can not take them into the parks. You can put some snacks into ziplocks and grap some fruit to take
    Lounge is on the 6th floor - they try to get most of the concierge rooms on that floor but there is no guarantee
    Yes - in fact, you go up to the 6th floor concierge desk to check in and the lounge is across from the desk
    They can make reservations for you, you can check out DVD's
    There is milk and cookies storytelling time - usually about 8 am and you can check out DVD's. The Grand also has Pinocchio's workshop for the kids

    Have fun!

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