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Discussion in 'Flower & Garden Forum' started by WebmasterPete, Apr 11, 2002.

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    For those of you with adventerous young children, you should read this article on the Home and Garden Television web site:,1158,GALA_project_4006,00.html

    For those with pets, here are some good tips and tidbits...,1158,GALA_project_11896,00.html,1158,FOLI_project_32360,00.html

    This is an interesting article on Garden Etiquette....,1158,GALA_project_17471,00.html

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    Thanks for the links Pete. I am a amazed at the stories you hear about "Etiquette".
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    Give 'Em an Inch, They'll Take 'Em All
    From Mary Ann in Columbia, S.C .

    When a neighbor commented on the gladiolas in my yard, I offered to giver her some of them. I stated that I had to go in for lunch and would divide them upon my return. When I returned, I was in total shock! All of the glads were gone! They were transplanted in the neighbor's garden. Now if I intend to part with some of my plants, I dig and distribute to those who have admired them. I never offer to divide after lunch anymore.

    OMG this is my sister's neigbors they all think her garden is their own private nursery bed and help themselves all the time!:rolleyes:

    thanks for the laughs

    Mal ;)

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