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    May 31, 2001
    If they offer the FTP package again for this summer, 7 for 4 plus Park hopper passes, could you save the Park hopper tickets for a latter date? We have A.P. passes, but would like to get the 7-4 deal. Or is it possiable to just ask for the 7-4 without PHP tickets.. What we need is a A.P. rate room only, but would take the 7-4 deal..... Any help......... Going first week of Aug..... Thanks...
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    The tickets attached to the packages are UPH (unlimited park hoppers). These are good only for the dates on which you are in the hotel - from check in to midnight on check out day. You can't use those at any other time. If you have APs, you are out of luck for that package. You will basically have to wait for the AP rates or room-only discounts to come out to save any money on the room.
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    Went last year in August with FTP. It was a package, 7 nights for cost of 4 with UPH, not park hopper passes, and a framed print and luggage tags. UPH passes are for length of stay so they are tied to how many nights you book and cannot be used at a later date. I'd wait for the AP rates to come out for August. The rumor is that FTP will be announced end of April beginning of May. It came out at the beginning of May last year.

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