Fox at 50's Prime Time Cafe

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    Oct 1, 2008
    Fox was our waitress for lunch at PTC. My youngest son Matthew, who is 4, has some sensory issues. Once Fox realized this, she sat close to him and spoke softly to him to get his order. After we told her about how Matthew was having trouble with all the loud noise in the shows and attractions she proceeded to tell us about some kids she has seen using padded earphones in the attractions, and how well it worked for them. IT WAS THE BEST SUGGESTION EVER!!! It seems so obvious, but up until that point, I had never even thought of doing this, and none of his therapists or teachers had ever suggested it either. We went out the next day to Walmart and bought a cheap pair and clipped off the antenna. Anytime Matthew got overwhelmed, he would throw those suckers over his ears and sit happily through any show, fireworks presentation, or attraction in comfort. She literally made our vacation a million times better!!!!!
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    That's such a great and inspiring story. I've seen a lot of threads lately about people who were disappointed in the wait staff at a number of places in WDW, so it's always great to hear these positive stories, and I'm glad you had such a great time!

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