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Oct 16, 2000
We have connecting cabins booked and a key question just popped into my head. Will they give a key for both rooms to us, or could they set it up so all the KTTW cards opened BOTH doors. I'd kind of like to just use one door as the door opening to the corridor and the interior door as "the door to Mom and Dad's room." What are our options with two doors, five keys, and three children?
We had 2 cabins on our first cruise. They were across the hall from each other. The entire key situation was a real pain. At the time, they only provided enough keys for each of us for the room you were assigned to. Since our teens were under 18, I had to be assigned to their room. I could not get a key to the "adult" cabin! We tried several ways to work this out but instead, just ended up switching keys. Each time were visted guest services we ended up being locked out of one of the cabins. I think they disabled all the keys at on point! Hopefully, this has improved!
Unfortunately, it is still the same way. They are very particular issuing the room key cards, probably because they double as ID's to go thru Immigrations at the Ports of Call as well.

We had the 4 keys, but with one adult listed in each room. So we had a key to ours and a key to theirs. In the long run it did work out well for us, but it takes some remembering as far as who has which room key, lol. :)
We're in the same boat. We have an 18 yr old and a 17 yr old in the cabin across from us and the CM at DVC told us DH or I had to each be assigned to one cabin since they were "teens". I didn't argue the fact that one was 18, but I'm now concerned about all the key switching that will have to take place. I'm going to give DCL a call and see if we can't change the assignments.

Maybe we were just lucky but we had no problem switching our cards around at guest services on the ship (they couldn't do it at the port). We had 3 teens in a Cat 11 across the hall from our Cat 6. So of course we had to book with an adult in each room initially but once on the ship we had everyone rekeyed except myself (because I was the only one booked in the right room). Then we also got an extra card for each room that had door access only, so I could get into the teen room if needed. This was all done in 5 minutes with no hassle at all.
We had 2 rooms on the Magic last April. They were more than happy to give my husband and I extra keys for the rooms. They didn't have charging on them but I only wanted them for opening the doors anyway. I hope this hasn't changed since we have 2 rooms on the wonder and were going to do the same thing.
We just returned from a Wonder 4 day cruise and had connecting rooms. All we did was keep the doors that coneect the two room s open at all times. That way no matter which room we entered, we could always get to the other room. We just told housekeeping not to shut the doors and they didn't.

Our rooms didn't connect, they were down the hall from each other. Maybe that is why they didn't give us any problems.


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