For those of you waiting for a video, heres some great news!


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Feb 28, 2001
Many of us have ordered the vacation video and have not received it due to a back order, but if you go to and go under 'Plan your days', you can order a free CD-ROM version of it!
I'm not sure if you can call an order as of yet, but just go to the website and place your order!!
I didn't realize there was a backorder - can't remember when I ordered, but it came in friday. Maybe that's good news for those who are waiting. Hope yours comes in soon!
the first one came about a month ago but the video was broken.


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I believe you can order this on the phone. Call
1-800-253-0849, you will be prompted to press a number stating which you prefer, the cd rom or the video.
Kaos, I just ordered mine. Go to www.disney. Click on vacations, click on disneyworld, click on planning and events (? forgive me - the memory is the first to go...), that should lead you to the video/dvd order form. Hope that helps.
I ordered my 2001 planning video 16 weeks ago and just received it this weekend. Just in time for our trip to WDW on April 14. Be patient, it will come eventually, hopefully before your trip. We've all read that Disney is laying off 4,000 people, but I think they might need to hire a few people for the vacation planning department....


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I ordered my video online about a month ago. I was frustrated that it was taking so long so on Saturday I mailed in a card that I had received for the video. Then, I found this thread and ordered the cd-rom since the video is supposed to be on backorder. Wouldn't it figure that I got my video today?????
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