? for golf cart users


Sep 9, 1999
We were at WDW 3 & 1/2 yrs ago and stayed at FW in the homes. We had a great time! We did take bikes with us but really didn't use them much (just took the kids ones) as we didn't spend much time exploring the grounds. We are planning on going back in the summer of 2002 and I would like to do more of the activities at FW. We are coming down with extended family. We may be a group of 22 depending on who goes. My question is how many people can ride on the golf carts at once? I realize they are probably only intended for 4 at a time but can we squeeze more if they are small kids? :confused: I don't know that we would rent enough for all of us to get around at once (not likely:rolleyes: ) but having one or two to take side trips might be nice! Are they bench seats front and back? If we put more people on them than they are designed to hold, will anyone stop us or any thing like that?:eek: I'm not suggesting that we are going to do something unsafe just to save a few bucks, I just need to know what is realistic. Thanks!
As long as you are not obviously overloaded you should be fine. They have bench seats front and back, and can easily hold 4 adults and a couple of kids. We often use them to take people to and from the launch and Settlement area in shifts.

Golf carts are the best! It makes everything in FW easier! :p Definately get one if you can afford it. They will stop you if you are terribly overload, but I never saw anyone with a problem with even say, 4 adults and 2 real little ones. Have a great time!:p


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