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Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants' started by pigget74, Dec 31, 2006.

  1. pigget74

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    Jan 12, 2003
    We are going in March with some friends and one of them is very allergic: Soy, Yeast, and nuts. So this means breads and vegetable oils are out of the question. How can we find out which counter service places and table service places they can eat at? Thanks.
  2. amarberry

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    You might want to visit the DISabilities board. Food allergies are handled very well at WDW. The chefs at the TS restaurants are great about finding something for you to eat and have a lot allergy friendly foods available. They are also very conscious of cross contamination. With as many issues as your friend is dealing with, it would probably be worth it to call the restaurant ahead of time. Disney dining can provide you with direct numbers to the restaurants.

    As for CS restaurants, they aren't able to be as accomodating, but ingredient listings are available when you are ordering. Also, there is a woman at Disney named, I believe, Brenda Bennett, who can provide you with ingredient listings for CS restaurants and park snacks before your trip. Her contact information is available on the DISabilities board. I contacted her last summer about my DD's allergy and dietary restrictions and she responded very promptly.
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    I would suggest first off going to the disABILTIES! Forum where this is a normal topic of discussion.

    They can eat at every CS & TS location. For TS make sure any reservations note there are allergies. Remind them at the podium. A chef will come out and talk to you, discussing the allergies, and let you know what can or cannot be safely eaten. Aslo, they can prepare special foods at no extra charge. At CS locations if the cashiers cannot provide the assistance, the managers can.

    They can clean off grills, open fresh packages of ingrediaents, etc., to prevent cross-contaminations.
  4. DCDisney

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    Nov 2, 2005
    TS places are no problem they all were able to cook in canola rather than soybean oil (which seems to be their normal oil). However, I'm very allergic to soy and allowed to eat soybean oil and that is fairly typical. Nuts was pretty much no problem at any TS though with cross contamination issues any baked good was off limits. Many places have creme brulee which worked well for me. I did avoid nut/soy intensive cuisines like anything Asian (Kona, OHana dinner) and Boma though others says they were fine there.

    In terms of CS it is very difficult. Pretty much anything fried is in soybean oil. Even things like rotiss chicken have oil. I had a few meals of burger or hot dog with no bun (they are 100% beef). Salads in some cases are probably fine if your friend can bring dressing packets (Disney uses Ken's dressings and you can look up ingredients on the Ken's website). The CS in our resort (PO-FQ) was much easier to deal with than in the parks where they have very limited ingredients. At PO-FQ they were able to sub out ingredients and cook something separately which they weren't able to do in the parks. If the allergic person is ok with soybean oil things are significantly easier.


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