Flight change compensation?

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by MAJPLO, Feb 27, 2013.


    MAJPLO DIS Veteran

    Dec 31, 2010
    Just wondering if anyone has any experience or advice for this situation.... Our return home flight was changed to a later time. Any chance the airline might pay a bit toward the day rate on a nearby hotel room? It's JetBlue. Just thought I'd ask here before I get involved looking on their website which could suck me in for hours.
  2. disneyfaninaz

    disneyfaninaz It takes faith, trust & pixie dust!

    Apr 19, 2007
    Not likely. Usually if an airline changes your flight by a significant amount of time, you can call them and get a different flight with no additional charges, however, they will not compensate any hotel or other charges simply because they are taking you home later.
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  4. ksucats

    ksucats DIS Veteran

    Jan 21, 2008
    I agree with this answer. If you aren't happy with the time, then research to see if they (same airline) offer any other options that work better for you. Call them & they should put you on those flights for no charge as long as there is availability. If the time change was significant and there aren't better options, they should offer you a full refund & you can book another airline.
  5. Lisa Anne Colling

    Lisa Anne Colling Mouseketeer

    Mar 15, 2005
    Not sure about the hotel part, but last time we flew jet blue our flight was about an hour late, nothing major. I never complained. A week later we received each 75$ to use towards another flight and a letter of apology for being late. Thought that was pretty nice, have never got that from another airline who have been far later.
  6. clten

    clten DIS Veteran

    Apr 5, 2005
    Airlines make schedule changes all the time. There is no way they are going to give you compensation toward anything - a meal, a hotel room, anything. As the pp's have said, your options are seeing if JetBlue has another flight that fits your schedule better or getting a refund. But keep in mind, even if you book on an earlier flight, there's no guarantee it's going to leave on schedule anyway.
  7. missj1975

    missj1975 DIS Veteran

    Jun 8, 2006
    Actually airlines do compensate occasionally, just depends if you get through to a nice customer service rep. It never hurts to ask.

    In September 2011 Frontier paid for our hotel room and one nights dinner because they changed our flight to a later time. We were to fly out a Sunday morning but they changed the flight to Sunday night. Well we were boarding a Disney cruise Sunday afternoon so the later flight would not work. After talking to a manager at Frontier, they changed our flight to Saturday, paid for our Saturday night hotel and our Saturday night dinner. True story. I kept my receipts from the hotel and dinner. After we got back from the cruise, I mailed the receipts to the manager my husband spoke to and about three weeks later we received a reimbursement check.

    We don't press our luck anymore and always fly in the day before so any flight delays won't make us miss boarding the ship.
  8. tajz90

    tajz90 Mama D

    May 6, 2012
    It's not compensation, but an airline recently refunded our airfare because they changed the time of our flights and none of the other times worked. I really thought we were going to be out the money or have to make special arrangements. I was pleasantly surprised. They did try to get us to change to a diff flight, free of charge, but I declined.
  9. wallawallakids

    wallawallakids DIS Veteran

    Feb 22, 2012
    I doubt they will give you a hotel room but Jet Blue is really nice. In the past if they have changed our flights and I have been unhappy I just call and ask to be switched to a different flight and that has always been done with no problem. Actually I just had to do that with Delta because they changed the time on our departing day and it was way too early. We would't be close to making it from the boat. Delta switched it to a later time. I have done it numerous times with Jet Blue but I was nervous about Delta. So I think a lot of airlines must do that.
  10. Nikisha421

    Nikisha421 i'm the mom thats hoping and praying that my Disne

    Feb 3, 2008
    I was just coming on to ask the same question...or sort of I recieved an email from JetBlue that says our departure flight has been changed to an earlier time...I am not sure what to do, but I know it's going to be tuff catching the earlier flight...so I haven't yet decided what to say when I call...they sent an email and theres a link in the email that says click to respond that you are agreeing to this change....
  11. PrincessShmoo

    PrincessShmoo DIS veteran

    Feb 12, 2009
    When we had a flight change that wasn't compatible with our cruise, I just called and said the change wasn't acceptable and why. They changed our flight to a different airline that had a flight close to the original one we had. It wasn't Jet Blue, but I'd think they should do the same.
  12. sayhello

    sayhello Have Camera, Will Travel

    Oct 28, 2006
    Don't click the link, or you are out of luck. Once you agree, you have no options.

    Call JetBlue and ask them about moving you to a later flight. As others have said, they will usually accommodate you if they can.


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