First Timers Report Day 6 - Hitting the Wall, Warbird Adventures and Epcot

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    Jan 18, 2002
    The Crew:
    Paul (31), loves his gadgets, aka young man (!)
    Louise (39), planner extraordinaire, aka old girl

    Saturday, April 27th

    Today was the day Paul had been looking forward to all holiday! When he left school he wanted to join the airforce as an avionics engineer, not fixing the planes but doing the electronic gadgety stuff onboard – I don’t know the proper job titles or names!! He passed all the entrance exams but he when it got to the medical bit, he was underweight, so he couldn’t get in. So, you can maybe imagine his excitement when one day I mistakenly suggested he took a read of Simon’s book, and he found that he could, himself, fly a plane and do aerobatics to boot!

    I had pre-booked an 11 am slot via e-mail, but when we got to Warbird Adventures, they didn’t have him written in. Thankfully, they were still able to fit him in, and after being taken to the plane and given brief tuition, he was off! I had been entrusted with the video camera and he had shown me how to use it the previous evening, so that I could capture his flight on camera. Unfortunately, I couldn’t work the thing, so was frantically trying to work it out and missed him going up the runway! He then flew out of range anyway so I wouldn’t have captured much, and anyway there was an onboard video camera and stills camera too!

    When he landed, he was grinning like a Cheshire cat, and was the most excited I have ever seen him. During the time that he was in the air, which was 30 minutes, about four other sets of people (well, men with their poor partners in tow!) turned up, so we were lucky that we arrived when we did. As the video had to be transferred onto tape, we, and a few of the others who were waiting, watched it through. All he could say when he was in the air was ‘fantastic’ ‘wow’ and ‘brilliant’. Cost $315 including a coupon for free stills.


    From here we went straight to Epcot, and I had been feeling like a zombie all morning. Paul was also tired but was still buzzing from his flight. By the time we had parked and got into the park, it was 1.45pm and we were quite hungry, but couldn’t decide what we wanted. I thought that if I had some chocolate I may feel a little better, and remembered reading about the patisserie in France on someone else’s trip report, so we headed over there. On our way, we passed some really brilliant topiary sculptures as it was the Flower and Garden Festival.


    When we got to the patisserie, there was a queue out the door and by now Paul was feeling zomboid too, so we couldn’t be bothered to queue and thought that maybe a nice sit down and some proper lunch might make us feel better. I suddenly fancied some pasta and so we somehow managed to stagger round to Italy, I don’t remember what other countries we went through to get there but I’m sure we traversed half the world! We went to Alfredo’s for lunch and was served by a tall, dark Italian who looked a bit like Darius from Pop Idol, except Darius is better looking. We both had lasagnette modena, with fanta for me (there was no milkshake on the menu!) and coke for Paul. Again, we had a lovely table in the conservatory part of the restaurant and had a nice view of the Campanile and St Marks Square. It reminded me of our last trip to Venice, as our hotel room had a balcony that looked onto the Campanile. We started to feel slightly better and paid the bill $22.26.

    Not wanting to push ourselves over the edge, we decided to take it easy and went to China to watch Wonders of China. It was lovely and cool in there and I had never seen a 360 degree film before and it was really good. We continued around the world into Norway and onto Maelstrom, which I remember nothing about.

    We then returned to Future World and went into Honey I Shrunk the Audience. Paul had already seen this at Eurodisney and was keen to see it again, but although we sat fairly centrally, we didn’t seem to get much of an effect from the 3D imaging or from the sneezing dog. Maybe it was just that we were not feeling at our most receptive!

    We wandered through Innoventions and watched something boring about home entertainment systems (Paul wanted to do this one – I nearly feel asleep in the home cinema) then went into Spaceship Earth. There was no queue whatsoever and walked straight on and this was better than I thought it would be.

    We decided to walk back through the parts of the world we had missed and along the way stopped off at the patisserie in France again. There was still a bit of a queue but it was inside the door this time and not outside, so we ordered a chocolate éclair for me with an iced cappuccino and chocolate mousse for Paul with a coke, cost $12.09. We sat outside and ate them and as it was now about 7pm, it was really lovely temperature wise. It had been awfully hot this holiday, one day the car temperature gauge had read 98 degrees!

    By the time we had wandered around the rest of the countries, it was time to find a good spot to watch Tapestry of Dreams. That reminds me, I forgot to say that yesterday at Animal Kingdom, we watched Mickey’s Jammin’ Jungle Parade, and much to Paul’s annoyance and mild amusement, I was singing ‘We’re jamming in the jungle, we’re jamming in the jungle….’ for several days. I never manage to pick up the words to the songs properly, so I just hummed the next bit, until Paul told me it was ‘we’re jamming in the jungle, to the rhythm of one’!! Oh he, who doesn’t like musicals!!

    We like Tapestry of Dreams but missed seeing the characters. After this, we wandered around the world a bit further trying to stake out a good place to watch Illuminations, or more to the point, for Paul to get good video footage from! I love fireworks and this was excellent, definitely worth waiting for.


    On the way back home, we dropped the film from Paul’s flight into Walgreens for developing along with another film he had taken using his SLR camera.
    Tomorrow, Shopping and Pleasure Island, along with my 5 minutes of fame!

    Sorry if there are too many photos in this one, we were getting a bit snap happy!!
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    Another interesting report, but I don't fancy the look of that scary plane!!!!! I like mine to be huge with lots of engines!!!! Your meal in Italy sounds nice, and very reasonable too. Carolyn
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    Great reports - love the pictures :D

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    Thanks for the wonderful report - luv reading them!!!!

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