First timer with LOTS of questions!!! Please help!!


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Jul 26, 2000
Hello everybody. I've been following the boards for a while now and I've got a few questions. We were planning a trip to WDW for 2004 and decided we could squeeze in a trip to DL/DCA in March of 2002. I'm so excited about it!!! This trip will be myself, husband, almost 3yr old DD, mother-in-law, and father-in-law. Everyone has been to DL twice except for myself and DD. We've never been. Ya, I know we're deprived! :) Anyway, onto the questions......

1) We're thinking of staying at the Desert Inn and Suites. The dates of our trip would be 3/2-3/10 (BTW 3/4 is DD's 3rd bday) I've seen in the entertainment book that you can get 50% off the rack rate at this hotel. Anyone know what the rack rate is and does this only apply to their standard room or can it be used on a family suite? And speaking of rates anyone know the AAA or the senior citizen rates? I know, lots of questions but with us staying for 8 nights I want to be sure that we get the best deal. Also, if I want to use the entertainment book, do I have to wait till the 2002 book comes out to make my ressies (usually around sept/oct right?) and do you think that they'll have vacancies since that will make it less than 6 months away? Or do I make the ressies now and then when the new book comes out tell them I'm a member and will they give me the discount if we've already got the rooms booked?

2) We will be using our passes for DL 2 days before DD's birthday. Since she will still be 2 then, she doesn't need a ticket. When she does turn 3 will we need to purchase a ticket or will DL go by the fact that she was still 2 when everyone else got their tickets?

3) Is 4-5 days enough time? From what I'm gathering I don't know if DD will like a lot of things at DCA and we won't be able to spend 4-5 WHOLE days in the park. Have to have naps and pool time. Just wondering if you experts think this will be enough time.

4) We plan on doing SeaWorld (Mommy gets to swim with the dolphins-Another first for her!!!) Is it cheaper to rent a car or is there a package deal that you can get? I know booking through the disney site that they include the package in their price but I don't know if I can get the package on it's own. Anyone know?

5) Free Universal Shuttle. I don't know all the specifics about this but I read something about there being a shuttle just a few blocks from DL where they don't charge you for the shuttle and they take you to Universal for the tour. Anyone know details?

Ok, I think that's enough questions for now. <IMG WIDTH="15" HEIGHT="15" SRC="/infopop/emoticons/icon_razz.gif" alt="razz"> I'm sure I'll have more as time goes on. Thanks everybody in advance for helping me out. :D

1. You can find out the other room rates by asking your travel agent to check, or by going to a site such as Travelocity and searching for hotels on those dates. I would make your best possible reservation now and keep checking for future rate changes.

2. No cheating!

3. 4 or 5 days should be plenty of time. DCA is a fun, visual park for kids and even though it isn't as fbulous as Fantasyland at DL, you will all have fun there.

I am not sure about answers for 4, I do know that there is a bus service to Universal but I believe you must have a paid ticket for that one. The Good neighbor Hotels do have packages to other parks that include transportation, you should call the Dessert Inn to ask.


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Teri, thanks for the reply. :) Although I do feel as though I need to explain #2 better. I'm not trying to "cheat" :eek: in any way, shape or form. Simply trying to get the best rate possible. I only asked because I've read of others in the past on this board say that if your child has a bday during your visit, that in DL's eyes the child is the same age at the end of the trip as they are at the beginning of the trip. In our case on our 9 day trip DD will be 2 for the first 3 days and then be 3 for the last 6 days. I just wanted to double check with someone else who has been through the same situation.

Keep the suggestions coming!!!



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