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    May 30, 2002
    Tuesday 9/17

    How exciting is it to wake up to Mickey on the phone telling you its time to get up and start your day? Very! I hadn't had hardly any sleep the night before and I was dead, so we went back to sleep for a little bit after the wake up call and ended up getting up around 8:30. I had read about the Crazy Cajun banana stuffed french toast at Boatwrights and we excited to try that. Boy was that a mistake. It was covered in about 5 cups of sugar, which I tried to scrap off. I ended up trying to eat the middle but left a generous portion untouched. My mother ordered something with the name Boatwright in the title which included eggs, toast, ham, and hashbrowns. She ordered her eggs over medium, but they managed to break both yokes and over cook them. The hashbrowns were the worst however. They were rock hard and dry as though they had been sitting out for a couple of hours. After we finished we waited about 20 min for our server to return with our check. We were not impressed and said we wouldn't want to come back to this restaurant again.

    We arrived at AK at about 10:30 and breezed through the security check. I got my picture taken with a female mouse from Cinderella (teal dress) who had no line. I passed on the purple dressed mouse as there were many children in that line. Just through the turnstyles we encountered a talking palm tree on wheels. It was challenging guests to gun fights. We got a kick out of watching it for a few minutes. We headed over to the AP lounge at the Pizzafari to get reserved seats for the Lion King show. While we were there we got some refreshing, although room temperature, water. There was no line so I got a picture taken with Terk.

    Onto Kilimanjaro Safaris. We walk right onto the next available truck. Our truck driver/guide was good. He was informative and would answer the questions of the people in the front row. (We were in the second row) They must have been experiencing technical difficulties because we lost radio contact for awhile and our guide had to improvise on what the park Warden and doctor should have been telling us so we could keep up with the searching for the poachers storyline. After this ride we headed over to the Dinosaur area. On the way from Africa to Asia we spotted Divine. This is the first time I had seen her and she was really spectacular. We grabbed a bottle of water. I love those new Dansani bottles with the twist top. You are also getting more for your money b/c both they and the coke are the same price but you get 4 extra ounces of water (24 oz as opposed to 20oz). We stopped at the Tarzan Rock's show. We were about 5 mins late but still got seats in the back top bleachers. I got a picture taken with Tigger. We then went to Primeval Whirl. We walk right on with no wait. This was the first time I had ridden this ride and I thought it was a lot of fun. Don't expect this to be a trill ride coaster because it isn't. It was more like the tea cups meets a kiddie coaster, but it was so much fun spinning and whilrling about. I liked it a lot.

    From there we went to the Dinosaur ride (which I still think sounded better as Countdown to Extinction). The wait time said 20 min but it was more like 8-9. I got a picture with both Donald and Pluto. After this we went to It's Tough to be a Bug. We walked right into the lobby and waited about 7-8 minutes for the next show to start. It was almost time for our Lion King Show and we were getting hungry so we stopped by the Pizzafari for a snack. (It was about 3:00 and we had been too full from breakfast, and too hot to want lunch before). I had some breadsticks and sauce, and my mother had a piece of cheesecake. We split a large Coke. (Mom is a diet drinker, but I can not stand the stuff so she graciously allows us to get regular. We often split a large as it is more cost effective than getting two drinks that neither of us will probably finish before we have to go on a ride and despose of them.)

    The Lion King show was no where near as crowded as I thought it would be. We didn't need the reserved seating as we were allowed to sit anywhere. We hadn't seen this show before, and I have no idea why because it was so good. Probably one of the best live action shows at WDW. We sat in the Warthog section. The dancing and acrobatics were great, as were the singers. After this show it started to rain a bit and we decided to leave AK and headed back to our room to showered and change for the evening. We were going to DTD and wanted to take the water taxi, but it wasn't running because of the rain. We decided to try the bus which was a big mistake. We waited about 20 min and by the time we had arrived at DTD we were starving. We decided to go to the Rainforest Cafe for dinner but had about a 45 wait. We went in the store and shopped around. They had some nice sales going on and I was able to get two Rainforest Cafe shirts for $4 each. We were seated in the Gorilla section. I ordered some sausage pasta soup and a marinated tomato pizza. My mother had some steak with yummy mashed potatoes. I also had this very good mixed fruit drink (unfortunately I don't remember its name). I always like to order drinks like that straight up as opposed to frozen or on the rock because the drink is already chilled and you get more. By the time we had finished dinner it was 11 o'clock and all of the stores were closing. My mother really wanted to get ice cream at Ghiradellis (sp?) but when we walked in the woman at the counter said it was after 11 and they couldn't serve us. It was really only 11:05, and there were still people waiting at the end of the line to receive there ice cream, but I understood the need to impose time regulations. We were able to look in the Once Upon a Toy Store, because there were still so many people in it, but the other stores ushered everyone out and closed the doors. We grabbed a bus back to our hotel and got ready for bed. We again set the wake up call, I told my mother she would have to answer this time to hear Mickey and went to sleep.
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    Dec 28, 1999
    I love the Dinosaur ride and would also like to see the other name back......but heck what do we know?? I really enjoy this park too.....thanks again

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