First time going to Disney with family, need HELP.

Bhumika Popli

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Aug 29, 2019
Hello fellow Disney lovers,
My family, husband and two girls ages 6 and 8, are planning a Disney vacation in November 2020. I need help in understanding and booking:
1. Resort prefer to stay within but not to expensive
2. Meal plans
3. Tickets for the parks

And any useful information that can help me plan this trip for my daughters without breaking my bank. Thank you all so much in advance. Grateful for having found this forum.


DIS Veteran
Sep 8, 2005
Welcome! How long will you be there for? Will you be visiting over Thanksgiving? Please give us an idea if you are looking at value, moderate or deluxe pricing for your resort. I’m thinking you are probably thinking value or moderate? Will you have a car or will you be using Disney transportation?

During November WDW offers holiday parties and events which some are an extra cost and some are not. The dates you will be there will help with that information.


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Aug 6, 2019
1. Any Value resort will work well for a family with young kids, most families or schools stay on these resorts.
2. Meal plans are worth it when staying on property. If your kids dont eat alot its worth it to get the lesser option and pay for snacks when needed IMHO
3. Plan out a 7 day trip with one down inbetween 2 park days. Example - Sun travelday Mon/Tues park Wed downday Thurs/Fri parks Saturday travel day. Ive gone twice in 4 years with my now 10 and 7 year old and the down day is a must we were at parks open to close and even had a universal day!


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Jul 28, 2008
Of the Value resorts, I prefer Pop Century due to location, but with kids I would consider All Star Movies or Art of Animation - just with Art of Animation the Little Mermaid rooms are the least expensive and in the back of then resort. It makes for a long walk at the end of the night.

Dining Plan - unless this is on special ( meaning 'free' dining ) we don't find the value in the Disney Dining Plan. A lot of food and snacks we just couldn't eat AND more expensive than paying out of pocket. I haven't used the Quick Service plan which I'm sure others here will be able to comment on.

I agree with @jebiker852 - plan some down time to avoid melt downs ( both the kid version and the adult ).

If you're not familiar with the FP system read up on that - it comes in very handy.

ciocci sue

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Sep 2, 2019
hI … I have done trips with nieces of all ages. we did not do the dining plan and here is why. although my nieces are not TOO picky, and since I am aunt not mom, there were so many snacks I wanted them to try. Which by the way they loved - DOLE WHIP, Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie, Mickey Ice Cream bars, turkey legs,etc. then when it came to meals (mostly counter service) it was cheaper to buy them an adult meal, and have them split it - instead of 2 kids meals. check out menus. when I went with a friend (a little older than me) she wanted to do the dining plan. we were only there for 7 days and since I am a park person, and it was thru Thanksgiving (larger crowds) I hated wasting an hour+ on dining. It is a major decision. any character or special restaurants you can still do without the dining plan. just be sure to hit your 180 day out reservations.
as for resorts, I loved all stars when I found them - tried all 3 - but then found Pop Century. Pop is a little more expensive per night, but they have their own bus and soon the gondolas. Since their price went up, I am going back to the all stars (music this time). All stars share buses, especially if you stay until park closes. First stop all star sports - people climbing over you to get o ut. then music - bus will still be fairly crowded and more people shoving to get off. movies is the last stop - so if I get a seat or not I don't have to climb over people to get out. GOOD LUCK IN YOUR DECISION. On the Disney site you can put in dates and prices to get some help


Earning My Ears
Jan 27, 2018
1. Pop century preferred room- You will be close to dining and bus stops. The rooms are newly renovated plus you’ll have the option to use the gondolas. For me the dining plan isn’t worth it. We usually pick two or three sit down restaurants per trip for non park days. Good luck!


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