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    Jan 21, 2014
    Hey guys, I've been reading through a lot of the DLP FAQ pages and finding some great info. I still have so many questions. My wife and I are visiting Europe for the first time from the US. It will be our 10th anniversary trip. We are doing the Italy Adventures by Disney and then hitting DLP for 3-3.5 days, 4 nights. We are very experienced WDW travelers and travel frequently in general (mostly withing the US but some internationally) but never to Europe.

    Our travel dates for DLP are April 30-May 4.

    So my first question is what is the best way to get to DLP from Venice? Obviously Flying would be quicker than taking the train, but is the train ride as picturesque as I would imagine. Anyone with any experience taking a train from northern Italy to DLP, I would love some insight.

    We are leaning toward booking 4 nights at the Disneyland Hotel, We definitely want to take a day to go into Paris and see some sights, but we like the idea of only going through the check in/checkout process once. Are there any good day tour options from DLP, or would you guys suggest going it on our own?

    Also, do you think we would be better off splitting out 4 nights into two in central Paris and 2 in DLP? We are hesitant to do this after 3 hotels in a week in Italy with ABD, but could be talked into it.

    Any can't be missed dining reservations we should try to make in advance?

    The "Half Board" thing really confused me at first, but basically its just a meal plan with one meal per day? Do you guys know if its lock in by day, or can we used Tuesday and Wednesday's voucher for 2 meals on Wednesday if we skip meals on Tuesday?

    The reviews say yes on Buffalo Bill , does this compare at all to Hoop De Doo in WDW?

    Any other general advice for travelers from America is appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Feb 5, 2012
    - The train from Venice to Paris takes 11-12 hours and 3 transfers. So definitely possible, but it takes a while .

    - as it is easy to do a day trip to DLP from Paris, of also works the other way around.
    If you want to stay in 1 hotel, you will be fine.

    I know Americans who visit Europa love getting organized tours (i think that has more to do with the unknown country and unknown language) and DLP has some, I would suggest do it on your own. It is an hour away by subway, the RER. As Paris is a major tourist place, it is easy to navigate on your own, and a lot of places have information or menus etc. available in both French and English.

    - Meal vouchers are dated.

    - Buffalo Bill is similar in theme to Hoopdeedoo, but it is in an arena with horses, cowboys and characters, not as much an interactive revue show in a restaurant.
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    Feb 22, 2007
    The meal vouchers are dated for your visit dates but not by individual day so you could use 2 the same day if you wanted to. When you book a package you get tickets for each day including day of arrival and departure however when you book the meal plan you get one voucher per night so wont have them for everyday but they can be used on day of arrival or departure as well as in between
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    I would fly. Much better use of time. The trains are high speed, so you see very little countryside.

    Again, I would suggest splitting into two hotel stays between Paris and DLP as a better use of time. It’s a lot of trouble going in and out of Paris, plus you never know when there could be a strike. And the atmosphere of staying right in Paris can’t be beaten. Stay near the Seine. Enjoy the evenings at a lovely Paris cafe.

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