First time booking trip with our DVC points-have a question!


Sep 17, 2008
We are newbie DVC members-yay us!😁

We have points that need banked by April 30, per our September use year. We would like to possibly take a trip in September this year, however-We are up in the air due to a possible obligation in October…

If we bank the points-but then are able to take the trip, would we be borrowing from next years points? And would we still have the points that we just banked? Or would those banked points get used first for our September trip?

Thanks in advance!!!!
If you bank this year's points and book for September, you will be using banked points.

September UY points are valid for stays from 1 September through 31 August. To use them for this upcoming September you have to bank them.
If you aren't going anywhere before September, bank the 2023 points otherwise you will have to rent them out or lose the 2023 points. Any reservation on/after September 1st will use the banked points 1st, then the 2024 points that are usable starting September 1st


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