First On-Site Trip to US/IOA - Questions

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    Oct 4, 2007
    I'm surprising DH with a trip to US/IOA for his birthday. We'll be getting there 4/30 and leaving 5/3. I've already made reservations at PB and RP, not sure if I really want to spring for the deluxe room at PB or not yet. Of course I have a few questions.

    Is this time of year crowded? I ask because I started thinking about looking at some offsite hotels, but if they have big crowds then we'll stay onsite. If it's not crowded what hotels do you recommend offsite?

    Next question is regarding dinning. We went to Disney for our honeymoon and I throughly enjoyed having a set schedule for breakfast and dinner. We typically don't each lunch at the parks we just snack. Are there any places that you recommend eating? We want an actual breakfast, no continental for vacation. How do you make the reservations? We're open to all types of food as long as it's not super spicy. DH can handle spicy, but I can't. Speaking of food, do they still do the Spiderman Breakfast?

    I think we're going to get our park tickets from Costco.

    Thanks for your help
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    Jul 5, 2001
    I would recommend staying on site simply for the onsite Express pass benefits.As for dining, it is not like Disney where you have to make dining 180 days out.Some dining ressies can be made about 30 days out and on

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