FIRE! Things are Missing!


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Dec 11, 2000
Anyone Notice the Fire has been removed at the enterance to Jurassic Park and Lost Continent.

Also, Doors to Jurassic Park River Adventure have been removed...

Guess, it was inevitable, they were getting such a great report.
I noticed the fire was missing also! Thats too bad. I was looking forward to that effect and was sad to not find it. Anyone know why? Was it not cost effective?

I heard the fire was removed due to rising gas prices. As for the doors to JPRA, they've never really opened reliabily. Could they be in the repair shop?


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Okay, here's the scoop. The flames on the JP gates were shutdown after one them got a bit to realistic and set the column on fire. The system is being evaluated for a re-design and should be back in service in the future. The doors were removed to be repaired due to structural fatigue. A bad design from the manufacturer is to blame. They should be back soon.

When I was there in the early part of November, I don't recall seeing the flame. Then again, I wasn't looking for it. But I distinctly rememebr the doors. I actually thought our vehicle would hit the doors open! LOL. But slowly the doors crept open. :D

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The columns are fireproofed (per county regulations).

Also the two Rock statues to Lost Continent are missing there flames.

The doors are gone, as well as the whole structure they were attached to. That was a great effect, I think it should return.

Jon - Sorry you don't buy the explanation, but it's correct. I don't make stuff up, nor will I disclose anything improper. There is no county regulation for fireproofing those columns, although the outside skin around the flames is treated. BTW, the parks are in the city and meet city regulations. The JP doors will be back once they are rebuilt, frames and all. So, you're welcome to wait.
Just a word of clarification in regards to fire...

I don't doubt you Earl. I was there within a week of the fire leaving. The markings that the flames produce are there. but no boxes and no evidence of fire.

That is not to say that is not the reason for taking them down, but I was curious. Any word on the Stone Monuments to Lost Continent? Those by very nature would not be capable of starting fire, but they also are gone?

I think with all things on this board we will see. Glad to know that at least 2 of us don't disclose anything improper.

On New Year's Eve, ALL exterior fire effects including the 8 combined sources attached to the Jurassic Park entrance gates were operating normally.

As far as I know, this is the first time in a while they've been used- unless they only turn them on at night now.
Hey I was there last night (NYE) and there was fire everywhere you turned. The question becomes whether it will stay for off season non dark hours?

New Years Eve was awesome...and not terribly crowded.
Late holidays like July 4th and NYE really are great at IOA. The rides and park are great to see in the dark, and while the parks are crowded they are never overwhelming like Disney. Lines on July 4th were about 30 minutes max. including Spiderman. If you've never been to IOA at night you must go!! I didn't get to go last night like planned (decided I'd rather not drive home to Clearwater with a million drunks) and am dissapointed. IOA should really designate a couple nights a month to keep the park open late. They have great night rides and lighting and rarely get to showcase it.

I was REALLY REALLY surprised at how thin the crowds were. To be honest it felt like off season friday. Just as an indicator Spider man was at 45 minutes most of the night (when I went past it 3-4times) Hulk stayed at 20-30 or less.

A quick walk over to the studios looked like it was much quieter, but it didn't seem as festive over there as in IOA.

Anyone else agree?


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